Janitorial services in Charlotte

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Janitorial services in Charlotte can leave your office looking its best

Janitorial services in Charlotte helps area businesses have offices that look their best. Picture this. You’re ready to leave for the night after a long hard day at work, and as you get ready to head out, you remember you haven’t vacuumed, taken out the trash, or dusted the reception area yet. This doesn’t have to be you.

Gloria M’s Cleaning Services offers a wide variety of cleaning services for Kannapolis and Charlotte, NC area residents and businesses. If you own an office or business, consider using our janitorial services to help you keep up with your cleaning.

Janitorial services include a variety of cleaning options

When people are starting to consider janitorial services for their office or business, they usually want to know how much it costs, what it includes, and how often cleaning team will come.

Gloria M’s Cleaning Services offers a variety of services that consider a variety of factors when determining the price of the job. We look at how many rooms we’re cleaning, how many bathrooms, how often we’re coming to clean, and what cleaning services you’re opting to use.

Our janitorial services in Charlotte offer a variety of cleaning options for you to choose from. To keep flooring looking fresh and new, we offer vacuuming and mopping, as well as the more in depth cleaning options of carpet cleaning and stripping and waxing floors. Our dusting and window cleaning helps keep the walls, furniture, and windows clean and free of smudges. We’ll also keep the top half of your room cleaned by debugging light fixtures and cleaning ceiling fans.

But, our janitorial services include so much more than just cleaning the main rooms. We can also keep work areas clean by sanitizing phones, keyboards, and headsets. Our paper products and soap service keep bathrooms fully stocked for the next day. We’ll also gather and remove trash to prevent it from building up at people’s desks and in the bathroom.

Green cleaning reduces chemicals in the office

Gloria M’s Cleaning Services takes great pride in using green cleaning techniques. These techniques are just as effective as more conventional cleaning methods but offer the benefit of reducing the number of chemicals in your home, and in our community.

Janitorial services in Kannapolis, NC

Kannapolis, NC area businesses and offices should consider janitorial services to help keep their rooms looking their best. Whether you’re in need of simple vacuuming and dusting, to something a bit more in depth cleaning such as carpet cleaning or floor waxing, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to contact us to learn more about our janitorial services and to see how we can help you.


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