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Commercial cleaning services for better bathrooms

Commercial cleaning services can do a variety of jobs, including cleaning toilets in your Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, office or clinic. First impressions are very important, and a visit to a dirty bathroom, will give your client a bad impression of you.

Take, the toilets for example:  First, start by thoroughly cleaning every inch of the toilet, starting from the top, down to the tiles below. You might be surprised how the space would look much brighter with spotless, gleaming tiles. For dirt and grime causing hard-to-remove spots on your tiles, use sandpaper (preferably a 100-grit sandpaper). Do not scrub too hard, however, because the rough portions can scratch the tiles. This is something you want to leave to a professional to do.

You might also want to consider painting the walls of the Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, office toilets with a brighter color. A freshly painted bathroom gives the look of cleanliness and newness.

Adding storage space

Spaces above bathroom and toilet doors are often wasted; install a shelf or cabinet on these areas. Use it for seldom-used items, so you wouldn’t have to constantly reach for this high spot whenever you need something. You can hide cleaning items that you use, if you spot clean your toilet between visits from your commercial cleaner. You also want to keep extra soap, toilet paper and paper towels, so you don’t run out.

Another way to improve the look of the toilet is to add cabinets underneath the sinks, if you still don’t have those. Not only can this hide the unsightly pipes beneath the sink, a cabinet can also add more storage space to reduce clutter. This is ideal for storing cleaning items used by commercial cleaning services.

Cabinets stocked with toiletries

It would be quite embarrassing for your clients to go back to the reception area in search of toilet paper when the stocks have gotten low. Make sure to keep a stock of toiletries, especially tissue paper, in the newly built cabinets.

Janitorial services can assist you with keeping the cabinets stocked with a steady supply of toiletries and toilet paper.  Check with your commercial cleaning services to see if they have recommendations on where to purchase your supplies.

Keeping the office clean

A clean office gives a good impression to your clients. Contract with a Charlotte or Kannapolis professional cleaning service with a good reputation and reliable service. Your customers will feel more comfortable visiting and clean office.

For all your office and clinic cleaning needs in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, contact Blue Ribbon Maintenance; with options available for maintenance services, commercial stripping and waxing, and commercial cleaning services. Blue Ribbon is your full service commercial cleaning service. Call now.


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