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Charlotte maid services make storage organized and sanitary

While your thoughts are mainly about home cleaning, Charlotte maid services also offer intensive fridge cleaning and organization. This may have been a nifty task that everyone can do, however, maids offer not only wiping off spills but also sanitizing your food storage facility.

Because fridge cleanliness is as vital to your health as your daily dose of vitamins, Charlotte maid services reveal tips on how you can keep this organized even after their scheduled clean up.

1.       Use baskets to keep things in place

Small bottles that can hold several items are the best way to organize your fridge. Use it to sort all the contents of your freezer (and even in your pantry, the laundry room, basically everywhere) and stash it side by side. This will not only prevent small bottles from falling off but will also help you keep track of all the contents of your refrigerator.

2.       Labeling is the best way not to get lost

Add up some labels to your baskets and you’re sure not to mix things up after you have successfully sorted everything. This will also help the kids to know where to get and put things back to avoid clutter.

3.       Check the expiry dates

Keep those items that are near their retirement in the frontline. If you will be transferring food into another container, add labels when these will expire so your family will know when to consume it. Stash the newly bought grocery items at the back of the fridge to avoid it being massacred first. Make sure that everything is eaten right before it expires.

4.       Smart way to store leftovers: clear containers

Leftovers can be reheated and reused for another dish that you might be cooking the next day. Store them in clear containers such as airtight plastic containers for food, mason jars for salads and Ziplocs for dried ones. These will display your leftovers clearly and allows proper organization inside the fridge.

5.       Great for odor absorption: activated carbon

No that your fridge is looking smart with proper labels and organization; you have to eliminate unwanted odors brought about by meat and other food stashed inside it. Charlotte maid services recommend using activated carbon found in most pet stores. Just leave it inside, at the back of your fridge, to end the issues of fridge odor.

Your fridge is undeniably a place of health and wellness. Having it organized will not only prevent bacterial infestation but will also minimize food waste brought by spoilage.

If you prefer to have it cleaned by professionals, to have them show you proper organizing tips and to sanitize it to ensure safety for your family, then it is time for you to book with Gloria M’s maid services. They provide quality cleaning services for your Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC homes.



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