Cleaning can sometimes be a full time job

Maid Services in Charlotte NC

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Maid services, such as those offered by Gloria M’s Cleaning Services in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, can help ease the burden of keeping your home clean. Keeping a house clean can often feel like a full time job and between work and activities finding time in your day to clean is often a struggle. Not to mention, cleaning is not everyone’s favorite chore. Consider maid services to help you add more time back into your day, while also having a clean home.

Maid services entail a variety of different cleaning services

At Gloria M’s Cleaning Services, we offer a wide variety of cleaning as part of our maid services. Basic cleaning services such as dusting and vacuuming are just the tip of the iceberg. We also go above and beyond with bathroom cleaning and sanitizing, cleaning of baseboards, and cleaning ceiling fans. We even will wipe down kitchen surfaces such as counters and appliances, as well as the stovetop and oven.

You decide when we come and what we clean

The best part of the maid services Gloria M’s Cleaning Services offers, is you pick what we do and how often we do it. Not all households need someone to clean every week, and that’s fine. We’ll work with you to determine a schedule that best fits your needs. We offer weekly, biweekly and monthly cleaning as well as cleaning before special events like parties and holiday guests arriving.

We also understand not every family wants us to clean every room. We offer pricing that reflects the number of rooms you want us to clean. Along with discussing how often we will clean for you, we will also discuss what you want us to clean for you.

Maid services are a great option for many people

Maid services aren’t just for busy families. They can benefit a wide variety of people. People recovering from surgery or an illness may find maid services helpful while they recover as it saves them from having to exert themselves while cleaning. Older adults can also benefit from maid services as it eliminates the need for them to push around heavy equipment such as vacuums or balance on chairs to dust. Lastly, people who just don’t like cleaning may find maid services beneficial as well. Let us help you gain time back in your busy day or take a chore off your hands with our maid service.

Maid service in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC

Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC residents who are looking for someone to help them clean their home should see how Gloria M’s Cleaning Services can help. Our maid services can save you time in your day while taking a least favorite chore off your plate. Contact us to see how we can help and to learn more about the cleaning services we offer.


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