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Why Micro- Fiber?

Why is Micro- fiber a big thing in the cleaning industry? First Micro-fiber is not a new kind of fabric. It has been around for the better part of ten years or more. what is Micro-fiber it is a fabric that is woven with over a thousand individual   threads. It is used in all  phases of today’s  life.  A good example are couches and clothes. For the cleaning industry this fiber a major help to the those who use them and adhere to uses.

The main reason why Blue Ribbon Maintenance uses Micro-fiber is because it has been proven that it reduces transfer of germs.  Professionals, like those who work at Blue Ribbon Maintenance, know we should be using the color code method as part of your daily cleaning.  What the color coded method is  using four color cloth for different areas in the building. That includes mop heads as well.

Examples of Green Cleaning and Micro-Fiber Uses:

At Blue Ribbon Maintenance we use Red, Blue, Yellow,  and Green. We use them this way:

  • Red: grease and grime and polishing
  • Blue:    Glass cleaning
  • Green : bathrooms
  • Yellow: Kitchen
  • Mop Head we use green, white , blue
  • White: hallways

By using the different colors in micro-fibers, we reduce  the chances of cross contamination, and provides a healthier and cleaner work environment.

For those who think Micro-fiber is only a passing “fad”. it is not going away. We encourage you to make it a part of your daily use.


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