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Commercial cleaning services for better bathrooms

Commercial cleaning services can do a variety of jobs, including cleaning toilets in your Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, office or clinic. First impressions are very important, and a visit to a dirty bathroom, will give your client a bad impression of you.

Take, the toilets for example:  First, start by thoroughly cleaning every inch of the toilet, starting from the top, down to the tiles below. You might be surprised how the space would look much brighter with spotless, gleaming tiles. For dirt and grime causing hard-to-remove spots on your tiles, use sandpaper (preferably a 100-grit sandpaper). Do not scrub too hard, however, because the rough portions can scratch the tiles. This is something you want to leave to a professional to do.

You might also want to consider painting the walls of the Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, office toilets with a brighter color. A freshly painted bathroom gives the look of cleanliness and newness.

Adding storage space

Spaces above bathroom and toilet doors are often wasted; install a shelf or cabinet on these areas. Use it for seldom-used items, so you wouldn’t have to constantly reach for this high spot whenever you need something. You can hide cleaning items that you use, if you spot clean your toilet between visits from your commercial cleaner. You also want to keep extra soap, toilet paper and paper towels, so you don’t run out.

Another way to improve the look of the toilet is to add cabinets underneath the sinks, if you still don’t have those. Not only can this hide the unsightly pipes beneath the sink, a cabinet can also add more storage space to reduce clutter. This is ideal for storing cleaning items used by commercial cleaning services.

Cabinets stocked with toiletries

It would be quite embarrassing for your clients to go back to the reception area in search of toilet paper when the stocks have gotten low. Make sure to keep a stock of toiletries, especially tissue paper, in the newly built cabinets.

Janitorial services can assist you with keeping the cabinets stocked with a steady supply of toiletries and toilet paper.  Check with your commercial cleaning services to see if they have recommendations on where to purchase your supplies.

Keeping the office clean

A clean office gives a good impression to your clients. Contract with a Charlotte or Kannapolis professional cleaning service with a good reputation and reliable service. Your customers will feel more comfortable visiting and clean office.

For all your office and clinic cleaning needs in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, contact Blue Ribbon Maintenance; with options available for maintenance services, commercial stripping and waxing, and commercial cleaning services. Blue Ribbon is your full service commercial cleaning service. Call now.


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A wellorganized and clean living room

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House cleaning services’ tips for an organized home office

House cleaning services can help you organize your home office or work station in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC. Nowadays, more and more people prefer working as freelancers, staying at home to work on various jobs. Instead of joining the busy throng during rush hour, they stay relaxed by working at their own pace.

If you are one of those people who work at home, then these tips are sure to help keep your workspace in order.

Hire house cleaning services to help sort out the stuff in your office, and clean every nook and cranny of the work space. Whatever work you might do for a living, you should consider buying shelves and cabinets to store your work or other stuff you need in the office. Those with many compartments are preferable, allowing you to organize items with ease.

Creative labels make organizing more fun, yet also ensures you will have an easy time hunting for items you need in the future. Friendly people from maid services can ready assist in keeping your work space in order.

Boxes, shelves, and drawers

Depending on your preference, your home office might have open cabinets with shelves for books and various stuff. According to many house cleaning services, open cabinets are great but stuff put in the shelves can gather more dust than those inside closed cabinets. You can still showcase your stuff by choosing glass cabinet doors, instead.

Another option for open cabinets is to use wicker baskets or cardboard boxes. Many furniture shops also offer organizing kits, including little cabinets you can place inside larger ones for better organization.

To better remember where you placed your stuff, group like items together. It would make sense to keep reference books in the one shelf, with fiction items or collectibles in another shelf, yet still group them together in one cabinet.

Drawers can help hide clutter from small items, such as chargers, ballpens, pencils, staplers, and other stationery. With the help of house cleaning services, you can keep these stuff in order inside drawers. Make sure to keep items you often use in the drawers or shelves closest to your actual working spot.

Dealing with appliances and electronics

As a rule, keep heavier items at the bottom – this applies to electronic items as well. Thus, big items such as printers and photocopying machines should be at the bottommost shelves. Streamline your workspace so you do not have to constantly move around to get your project finished.

Wires and charges can be messy and unsightly. Find a way to incorporate these into the design, making creative wire loops and tucked unto walls, for example. You will find it easier (and less messy) to allocate one shallow drawer as a charging station for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other electronics.

For homeowners in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, call up Gloria M’s Cleaning Services to ask for house cleaning services for assistance or more tips in keeping your home office well organized.


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Why hire regular maintenance services

Maintenance services are important in ensuring you get the most out of your real property in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, whether it is a private dwelling or business establishment. Buildings depreciate over time, but you can help prevent drastic changes and premature destruction by making sure that everything is in tiptop order on a daily basis.

Aside from hiring commercial office cleaning services, you should also look into hiring people to maintain the building and the items inside it. Make sure to have all air conditioning or heating units and ducts cleaned regularly. Regular cleaning removes allergens and helps prolong the life of these units. This also applies to all other appliances and electronic equipment inside the facility.

Well-maintained items are more efficient; not only do they get the work done well, they can also help you save electricity. Moreover, well-maintained items do not break down easily, prolonging their life and ensuring you do not have to spend a lot of money on replacements sooner than necessary.

Other areas to consider

Items/structures made of concrete, tiles, granite, or anything made of stone may be hard, but regular wear and tear can chip out parts or create unsightly scratches and cuts on the surface. Those exposed to humidity and moisture might even grow molds, mildew, moss, and algae. Janitorial services can clean these areas regularly to prevent these from happening.

Take care of your floors with commercial stripping and waxing services. It would do your Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, home and office a lot of good if you have better-looking, clean floors.

Maintenance services are the people to call for anything you want fixed in and out the building. Rafters and gutters are often the ones that get a lot of battering from the wind, snow, and rain. At times, these could be clogged with leaves. Let the cleaners regularly check and clean these areas.

Drains and pipes also get clogged over time, making it harder for water to efficiently pass through. Although you might be able to declog those by yourself using lye solution, you might want to leave that to the maintenance services people, lest you create damage on the pipes or your beautiful sinks.

Adds value to your real estate

By keeping your real estate in perfect order, the money you pay for maintenance services actually goes a long way. Remember, people would think twice before buying or going inside buildings that look drab and falling apart. A well-maintained building can fetch a higher price at the real estate market if you plan on selling in the future.

With regular commercial cleaning services and maintenance, you do not have to worry about major breakdowns.

Let Blue Ribbon Maintenance keep your Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, real estate in perfect order. Call them up for any questions regarding cleaning and maintenance services.


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A maid cleaning  the bed

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Maid services for your home

Maid services in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, essentially keep your house in excellent order, allowing you to have a clean and beautiful home without much hassle. You can enjoy more time for yourself or bonding with your family, thanks to the extra time you get from having the task of cleaning your home taken off your hands.

How to find excellent house cleaning services

A number of people do not like the idea of letting someone they do not know inside their homes, imagining all sorts of things that could happen, such as being burgled by these people. That is the reason why it is important to find maid services that can be trusted.

In Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, you can ask around for recommendations from your friends or other people in the community. You will be surprised how many of your friends actually hire maids to clean their homes. They often have a particular company in mind or, even better, someone from that company who they already trust, having been working for them for a long time already.

You can also search the web for maid services, reducing the need for you to interview your friends one by one for recommendations. The web offers a wealth of companies who can help you out. Many of these company websites also come with reviews from past clients, allowing you to discern whether they are truly a great company to pick or one to avoid completely.

How to contact cleaning companies

Before you hire a company for their house cleaning services, it might also be a great idea to compare the ones you have shortlisted from your research. Do not hesitate to call them up. It is important to ask the questions that are in the back of your mind, including whether they do a background check on their employees, what cleaning products they use, whether they work on holidays and weekends, and stuff like that.

When you are at ease with the company who would provide you with maids for your home, you will have peace of mind in letting these people inside your house. There are also companies who offer special offers for new clients, giving you discounts for your next appointments. You might even qualify for that, so just ask them.

By the way, when you are browsing a company website, you might also want to check out the other stuff they post there, including testimonials from past clients or even the tips they offer to help you keep the house in order.

In Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, you can find excellent maid services at Gloria M’s Cleaning Services. Feel free to contact them for any questions or to schedule an appointment for your home to be cleaned by their industrious maids.


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Commercial office cleaning in medical offices

Commercial office cleaning in medical offices such as those in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, require special attention, especially because such offices have a different environment compared with regular offices. Depending on the nature of your medical office, you might be dealing with potentially contagious diseases, which you definitely want to get rid of, as soon as possible.

There are a lot of different ways you can achieve a cleaner, safer medical office. Medical equipment must be sterilized or cleaned up after each use, preventing the spread of disease from one patient to another.

Also, office furniture, floors, walls must be clean at all times. Not only does that keep the space free from germs, your patients can also find peace of mind, knowing that you value their health and well-being at all times.

Getting help from commercial cleaners

In your busy medical practice, it would be hard for you to focus on the needs of your patients and also clean up the medical office between appointments. At the end of the day, you would still have to find time for a thorough clean-up of the office.

For you to best focus on your professional job, leave the cleaning to the commercial cleaners. Janitorial services can work without your supervision, allowing you to have a cleaner office for everyone’s peace of mind while you also get to focus on your patients.

You will be thankful that commercial office cleaning services are able to keep your office clean, providing excellent first impressions to new and prospective clients. Dirty medical clinics are a major turnoff to clients, who would feel that the place is a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses from your previous clients.

Every now and then, you can also hire them for commercial stripping and waxing to give your medical office a facelift. You might be surprised how your Charlotte and Kannapolis clinic can look so much better with just a few changes and some deep cleaning.

Finding cleaners for your medical office

Finding the best commercial cleaning services can help ensure you get a cleaner office. Reliable cleaners arrive on schedule, cleaning your medical office without you having to worry about them interfering with your work. Most cleaners also offer maintenance services, allowing you to keep your office in excellent condition, inside and out.

To find cleaners for your office, you can search the web for those who can provide services in your area. Make a list of these cleaners and take time to check the services they can offer as well as the other stuff they can provide, including advice on what you can do to keep your office clean and in order.

For your commercial office cleaning needs in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, do not hesitate to call Blue Ribbon Maintenance. The company offers green cleaning services to help save the environment. Call them now for an appointment.


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A maid going to clean the toilet

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Tips from maid services

Maid services allow you to have better, cleaner homes in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC. Aside from cleaning every nook and cranny of your house, helpful maids can also help organize your belongings for a more spacious home or provide you with useful tips to keep the space cleaner for a much longer time.

Make sure to listen to the tips your maid shares with you. After all, they are the experts when it comes to cleaning. They often learn a number of tricks to make their job easier or to make the place cleaner and more comfortable for you and your family.

Keeping bathrooms clean

There is no question that the bathroom is one of the dirtiest places in the house. A prime breeding area for germs and microbes, it is important that you make sure to keep the bathroom clean at all times. Of course, maid services can easily clean the comfort room and bathroom for you – but they are not always around.

When bathroom cleaning is done on a regular basis, not only will it be fresh and clean at all times, it would also be much easier and less time-consuming for you to clean it the next time around. Try to clean the bathroom on a daily basis. If that is next to impossible, just make sure that you have it cleaned at least once or twice a week.

You can always choose to let house cleaning services do this job for you – but think how easy it is for germs to spread to the rest of the house if your bathroom is dirty.

Some simple tricks and tips

Use a small window squeegee to clean the glass partitions and tile walls in your bathroom after every bath/shower. It would take you about a minute to do that, yet that could mean slower formation of unsightly water spots on the surface. It would benefit you in the long run.

There are areas that are hard to clean because of tight space. These include the drain, the faucets, soap holders, toothbrush holders, etc. You can actually use an old toothbrush to clean these hard-to-reach spots.

To help stop the spread of germs, make sure to separate the cleaning materials you use in bathrooms and toilets from those used in other parts of the house. House cleaning services can help you create a kit where you can place all cleaning materials and products for use in the bathroom only.

If your bathroom sink has cabinets, you might want to consider storing these cleaning items inside, so these can be handy at all times. Placing these materials under the sink in the bathroom also helps remind you to regularly clean the area, with or without help from maid services.

For your home cleaning needs and maid services in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, reserve a slot at Gloria M’s Cleaning Services now.


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Hiring commercial cleaning services to clean exteriors

Commercial cleaning services can perform a wide range of jobs, in and out of your office, clinic, or any other type of business establishment in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC. All you have to do is to specify which areas needed cleaning. Expert cleaners can take care of the job using green cleaning supplies to help save the environment.

In getting your office space cleaned up, do not just focus on the interiors but include the exteriors as well. Most business owners take time to keep the interior areas spic and span, yet forget that clients first see the exterior portion before getting inside the building. Remember, grimy buildings can send a negative message to your clients.

Power spraying and intensive cleaning

If you are one of those shop owners who had neglected cleaning the building exteriors, then it is time to hire commercial office cleaning to help remove packed grime and dirt off the walls and sidings outside. At times, it may be necessary to use a pressure washer to remove the packed dirt but power spraying can also do a lot of good.

Janitorial services can assist you in keeping the exterior of your buildings in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, as clean as possible.

It is also possible for you to clean the exteriors by yourself. Start off with an inspection of the areas that need more attention. Heavy stains must be washed off first to make sure that these will not bleed into the other areas, creating an even bigger stain.

Cleaning supplies to use

A solution of oxygen bleach powder and water can be used to make scrubbing off mildew much easier to do. Organic stains can be removed using a solution of ammonium sulfamate powder and water. Spots with rusted metals can be treated with solution of oxalic acid powder and water, while other heavy stains could be removed using soap and water.

After all these individual treatments, neutralize the newly cleaned spots using a sodium bicarbonate solution (one-eighth cup of sodium bicarbonate per gallon of water).

After removing the stubborn stains, proceed with power washing everything on the exterior of the building.

Regular cleaning of exteriors

Now that you are done with the intensive cleaning of your building exteriors, you might want to consider hiring commercial cleaning services to regularly clean these areas. Regular cleaning of the exteriors not only helps ensure that the entire building is clean but also keeps the next cleaning job less rigorous and less time-consuming.

This is also a good time to have some maintenance services done, including rust treatment, repair of broken sidings or cracked walls, and other odd jobs. Most cleaners also offer commercial stripping and waxing, so you can have a cleaner and more beautiful, inside and out.

Feel free to contact Blue Ribbon Maintenance, the leading service provider for commercial cleaning services in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC.


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A cleaned kitchen from house cleaning service providerUseful tips from Charlotte house cleaning services

House cleaning services keep your home in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, clean and in order, with cleaning schedules that depend on your preference. Some people prefer to have hired maids clean up the house daily, to keep everything clean and in order without any worries. Others choose to have their homes cleaned weekly, bi-weekly, or on any random day.

It is easy for you to organize your home, with or without the help of house cleaning services. A lot of homeowners are overwhelmed with the task of cleaning up the dirt and clutter all over their house. To help keep your house in order, establish rules early on, whether with your kids, partner, or tenants.

Keeping pantries in order

Kitchens are among the busiest spots in any home. Organized kitchens help make cooking much easier.

Put away things you got out but don’t use anymore. If you pick up as you go, there would be less clutter. For example, after putting the cake in the oven, start cleaning up the kitchen counters. Return the ingredient containers to the pantry.

While waiting for your cake to be done, you can check around the kitchen for things you can do even without the help of maid services. Your home in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC can be more beautiful with cleaner kitchens and rooms.

You already had the pantry open – you might as well organize the pantry. It is easier for you to find assistance in house cleaning services when doing this task, especially in large, walk-in pantries. If food inside your pantry are still stored in their original packaging, you will find your pantry neater if you use containers, instead. Square or rectangular containers are perfect for maximizing the space.

Keeping the kitchen neat

Organize your pots and pans according to size. If you have large cabinets in the kitchen, put the lids on the pots and pans before putting them away. It would be easier for you to simply get the pair you need, without hunting for the correct lid the next time you cook something.

Another option is to use a dish rack for the lids, then stacking the pots and pans according to sizes.

Cutlery, cookware, dishware, and other smaller kitchen items can be organized using pantry-style cabinets or using larger containers. Store them by use – with more frequently used items placed at easy-to-reach shelves.

It is also great to group similar objects together. For example, put all baking wares together in one or two adjacent cabinets.

Worry-free cleaning and organizing

The task of cleaning and organizing the kitchen can be overwhelming. This is where maid services would really come handy. Maids at Gloria M’s Cleaning Services are trained to assist, not just in cleaning, but in organizing stuff around your home in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, as well. Feel free to contact them for house cleaning services.


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Environment-friendly janitorial services

Hiring janitorial services makes it easier for you to work on building your career or expanding your business, without worrying about the cleanliness and appearance of your office and clinic in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC. Schedule cleaning services during hours just before and after your office hours, to keep all jobs – yours and cleaners – efficient.

Considering that there are so many environmental concerns these days, it is important that you hire an environment-friendly commercial office cleaning company. Not only can you help save the planet, working spaces will be free from harsh, harmful chemicals as well. Cleaning materials should be made of ingredients that do not pollute the waters.

Using green cleaning materials

When looking for janitorial services, ask whether the company uses green cleaning materials. You will be surprised that many of these companies offer budget-friendly rates while also using environment-friendly stuff.

Even if you do not hire janitors, you can also clean up your work spaces using eco-friendly materials. The next time you go shopping; check on cleaning solutions that are marked as safe for the environment. A number of these come at around the same prices as regular cleaners.

DIY cleaning products

It is also possible to make your own cleaning supplies. Prepare some of these green cleaning solutions to try at home or in your office. The janitorial services often bring their own cleaning supplies but many are also open to using materials they had not tried before.

For your floors, use a solution made from 4 cups of white distilled vinegar in 4 gallons of water. You can opt to add a few drops of essential oils whose scent will permeate the air when the vinegar evaporates.

For tiles and countertops, you can use a mixture of 1 cup baking soda, 2 cups vinegar, and 4 cups water. Put the mixture on the sponge and scour the areas that needed cleaning. Your clinic or office in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, can benefit from having cleaner tiles and counters.

If you notice sections that are prone to having molds and mildew, simply wipe these areas with a cloth damped with vinegar.

Hiring janitors

commercial cleaning services can easily do these menial tasks for you. It would be easier for you to focus on your job when the place you work in is clean and organized. Toxic fumes from harmful chemicals can be avoided by hiring green janitorial services.

Many clients choose companies who offer a wide range of services, including commercial stripping and waxing services. Often, these cleaning companies also offer maintenance services. Hiring such companies can make it easier for you to keep everything in your office in top shape.

You can trust Blue Ribbon Maintenance for janitorial services and all-around cleaning jobs in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC. Call them now for an appointment.


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maid services employee fixing a bed

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Maid services help maintain your home

Maid services in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC can help maintain your home, ensuring that everything is in order. In keeping your home spic and span, these professional maids help maintain your home so you can relax and enjoy your home and- when the time comes, sell the property at a better price.

Professional house cleaning services ensure that your home is not just clean but healthy as well. Allergens such as pet dander and dust mites are close to invisible, yet can do a lot of nuisance to you and your family. You can get rid of these potentially harmful allergens using vacuum cleaners with HEPA filtration system and a suction. Many people report that they breathe easier, both physically and emotionally, after their Charlotte maid has cleaned the house.

Maid services regularly remove dusts and these allergens from your walls, electric fans, pillows, mattresses, beds, comforters, sofas, and carpets. With regular cleaning, they can help ensure that your home will have a better air quality, free from harmful allergens.

For your peace of mind

Of course, we all want to have clean homes but that can be difficult to achieve on our own, especially when there are kids and pets around the house.

It is understandable that due to your busy schedule, you would need some form of help from people outside your home. For your own peace of mind, hire maid services. You’ll have a clean home and can concentrate on other things.

Hiring a maid gives you more freedom in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC

By hiring maid services, you have more freedom to focus on your work or have fun with your family. You are free to have a good time. Go watch a movie or enjoy fun picnics without worrying about keeping your home in order.

Maids are especially handy during special events, when you need people to keep the house beautiful before the party and cleaned up afterwards.  You can hire house cleaning services so that you’ll never have to worry about cleaning up after an especially messy party, especially those involving lots of kids and loads of food that could mess up the floors and furnishings. Move in and move out is also a great time for a one time maid service. But don’t forget the value of a weekly mail service, and the comfort and relief a maid can bring to your home.

House cleaning services are also quite handy during times when you have to move to a new home. The maids can help you clean up the new home before you move there while another team can assist you at the one you are about to leave.

Feel free to contact Gloria M’s Cleaning Services whenever you are in need of maid services in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC.


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