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Choose which among the Charlotte commercial cleaning services suit you

Commercial cleaning services is a broad term used by Charlotte cleaning companies to speak of the nature of their business. While this is commonly used by everyone, not all cleaning services are the same. There are specifically designed services to fit every need of every client.

To some it is nothing but dusting and mopping but to professionally trained service providers, there is more to cleaning than just that. The need to assess and identify the location as well as the services right for it is essential. As a building owner, the knowledge on how all these are different from each other is a good starting point if you wish to avail of these services. Here are the most common commercial cleaning services being offered in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC.

Moving in and post construction clean up

The need to have every building cleaned up before moving in is essential in creating a space conducive for working. Post construction debris poses a big health risk for the employees. Without an in-depth knowledge in dealing with these, the productivity of every employee will be compromised which might lead to your business’ poor market performance.

Medical office cleaning

Medical offices in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC need a specialized way of cleaning. Because the owner of these spaces does not only deal with diseases and fragile clients but also throws in hazardous wastes, the need to properly address these issues is a significant part of their profession. This requires trainings specially made for medical office cleaners to ensure well-sanitized working quarter for every medical practitioner.

Building maintenance

Building maintenance speaks more than just polishing marble floors. This refers to tweaking of electrical wires and water pipes to ensure that the building is safe from accidents caused by faulty wiring and leakages. A regular janitor might not be fit for this job as this requires intensive training on functions and repairs of electrical circuits. Hiring someone incompetent will put not only the worker but the whole company at risk.

Carpet cleaning

Yes, carpet cleaners are specialized workforce who maintains the quality of residential and commercial carpets. This includes proper deodorizing, stain removal and dust elimination to make this investment a lasting one. This also keeps the indoor air better since the dust mites, germs and other microorganisms flock in commercial carpets. These tiny living creatures from the employees’ footwear plague commercial spaces if not properly treated.

There are a lot of ways to have your offices cleaned and maintained by professional commercial cleaning services. It is important to know which suits you best. Having the knowledge at the methods and services your Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC building needs help a lot in receiving satisfaction from your cleaning companies.

Whatever your needs may be, Blue Ribbon Maintenance has it all for you. Choose from among its services and what is more, every service is done with a method that is safe for the environment and the health of employees. This is green cleaning, one of the things that make Blue Ribbon a highly regarded commercial cleaning services provider in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC. Book an appointment now and experience value for your money.


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The need to hire a Charlotte medical office cleaning service

Whether you are a doctor, a dentist or just another professional in the medical field, the need to hire Charlotte medical office cleaning services is necessary. This does not only create a welcoming ambiance to patients but also an impression that you provide quality healthcare. Trained cleaning professionals not only know how to handle specific medical equipment but also promotes green cleaning, a safer way to sanitize your workspace.

As the owner of the workplace, you should know the areas that need to be attended to ensure that your place will present your competence to new and returning patients.

A litter-free parking lot is the best way to welcome clients

Even if the parking lot is yards away from where you conduct diagnosis, cleanliness should still be instilled in this area. Litters may not be too bothersome but negligence in these small matters gives the impression of unprofessionalism to your patients. While you may be one of the top healthcare provider in your area, if your parking lot looks as untidy as the sewage, then no one will dare visit your clinic and avail of your services.

The waiting area should be free from airborne diseases

Apart from the parking lot, the hallways and the waiting area should also be sparkling clean. No one wants to wait in the murky halls that look like the scene in a horror movie, right? I bet you agree. Taking note of these areas out of your clinic will drastically change the number of clients you have. This will also ensure that they will not be inflicted with diseases from the poor quality of indoor air.

Provide comfort to patients who will use your restroom

Your restroom might not be part of your workplace but this is another area in your office that needs cleaning. Patients coming from anywhere in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC will come with all sorts of diseases and health problems. Having an unsanitary restroom will only pose as health hazard to your already fragile patients.

Your clinic is where all the magic happens

Where you stood is where the miraculous works of knowledge and science happens. You diagnose diseases, prescribe medicines, read lab tests and treat your patients. There is nothing better than having a place conducive to these kinds of activities. Not only will medical office cleaning services provide professional cleaning to your clinic but will also improve the air circulating around.

There really is so much more to having a medical office cleaned. The places that require special attention sometimes seem too far or too unimportant to be attended. Whether in or out of your office, every part of your place needs to be well-polished and hygienic. This leaves good impression on people and ensures optimum wellness to you and your patients.

Contact Blue Ribbon Maintenance for all your Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC office cleaning needs. They use state-of-the-art green cleaning procedure that helps the environment while cleaning up your clinics.


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A maid working and cleaning house

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Charlotte maid services provide you with the needed relaxation

Charlotte maid services make your home a haven amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. While the traffic and your work stress you out, the relaxation you need will come swiftly the instant you step on your front porch. This is not a magic trick. Because of the ambiance that your hired maid services provide you, rest comes to your senses upon entering your home.

However, Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC maid services are not for your scheduled monthly cleaning alone. They also come handy in special times of your life. Check out these life’s milestones when a trained maid can be your partner.

Celebrate parties without thinking of the clean up

Host the family gatherings, invite your children’s friends for a tea party or call your colleagues to have dinner at home without the hassle of the post party clean up. Yes, you read it right. Your trusted maid services will do all the cleaning for you so you can change to your house dress and relax after manning the event all day.

Not only the after-party but also your pre-party preparations will be taken care of by your hired maids. They will not only ensure sparkling marble floors but also prepare the table for your guests. You can focus on cooking or preparing the party’s program because Charlotte maid services have your back.

Moving in a new home is now an easy task

Moving into a new place is a big leap. Packing, unpacking and scrubbing the whole house requires not only time but strength. This is an exhausting activity not only for working individuals but also for parents. Skip the stress. Hire professional maid services in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC to do the cleaning for you before you move in. They can scrub floors, baseboards, window panes, bathrooms and every part of your new abode before your feet hit the new place.

Sell your property at a higher amount after you move out

Moving in a new place also means leaving the old one behind. If you plan on selling your old property, have it dusted and cleaned to increase its market value. By making it look new, you will not only attract possible buyers but will also be able to dictate a reasonable price.  You can set your mind in unpacking the boxes in your new haven without neglecting the need to prepare your old house for the upcoming wave of buyers.

Whether an ordinary day or having a milestone, maid services are always available to make things easier and less stressful for you. No need to be in a haste to prepare your home for the party or exhaust your energy to scrub your newly built Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC homes.

Contact Gloria M’s Cleaning Services for all your cleaning needs in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC. They make things even easier with their online booking. Ensure top quality cleaning and a hundred percent satisfaction with their maid services.


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A clean hardwood flooring from maid services

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Charlotte maid services maintain a polished hardwood floor

Hardwood floors are among the hardest materials that Charlotte maid services deal with. Improper handling of these might result to fading or worse, chipping off of the wood. Several cleaning methods are done to create a lasting polished finish and to be able to keep your floors looking new for a long time, hiring trained cleaners is necessary.

Cleaning hardwood floors require familiarity with the material

The first thing maid services in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC do is to determine the kind of finish the flooring has before setting the necessary treatment. Surface sealed floors are all water-resistant making it the easiest one to clean. Varnish finished ones aren’t as durable as the surface sealed floors and can look better when waxed. Prefinished floors, on the other hand, are coated separately so gentle handling is needed to ensure that water won’t seep in the cracks.

Charlotte maid services use special cleaning agents

Ammonia-based cleaning products are a big no-no to hardwood floors, and so are scrubs and bleaches. These will remove the polish off of your floors and will result in discoloration. Maid services in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC use cleaners with a neutral ph-level to ensure that every surface is treated gently. With these products and the expertise of professionally trained maids, you can be assured of a lasting hardwood floor.

Simple tips in caring for newly cleaned floors

Though you have scheduled regular cleaning, it is also necessary to have enough knowledge in applying care and caution to your daily activities to prevent scratches, discoloration and wearing off of your floors.

Maid services encourage home owners to use rugs with cotton base since vinyl and rubber ones confine water underneath, damaging your floors really bad. Sunlight also causes discoloration, the best thing to do is to hang blinds or curtains and close them to prevent direct sunlight from hitting your floors. Drips and spills should be wiped clean immediately with a cloth or a paper towel to avoid stains.

In preventing scratches from marking your flooring, make sure you lift objects such as chairs, center tables and whatnot when trying to move them in a hardwood-floored living area. Since shoes travel everywhere, keep them off of your floors to ensure not only cleanliness but also prevention of scrapes. Cut the nails on the paws of your pets to protect your floor from unwanted scratches when they walk around. Better yet, keep them off your hardwood floors.

Hire trained maids to maintain your floors

Hardwood floors indeed look sophisticated in your homes but knowledge in cleaning these is essential if you want to prolong its life. Hiring well-trained maids to do the cleaning for you will provide you with decent looking homes.

Hiring maid services for your Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC homes ensure well-cleaned, gently treated and properly maintained floors. Call Gloria M’s Cleaning Services to book an appointment now. They are renowned service providers who guarantee customer satisfaction with every cleaning.


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Charlotte janitorial services create a healthier environment with green cleaning

Charlotte janitorial services that use environment friendly cleaning products promote good health in the office. Not only do they guarantee impressive service but also ensure that the owners of such places will be welcomed without the strong chemical odors.

To further explain this, here are some of the benefits of patronizing green cleaning for your Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC workspaces.

Green cleaning promotes good health

This is one of the most important benefits of green cleaning. It has been found through several studies that spray cleaners trigger asthma and contribute to its development as well. The sharp scent of chemical based cleaners not only induces respiratory diseases but also weakens the body. The chemicals present in the indoor air enter the body through inhalation which will be transmitted to the blood stream targeting not only the lungs but also other organs.

Green cleaning prevents these since it requires the use of cleaning agents with less chemicals and hardly any odor, making your health a top priority of janitorial services provider who uses this.

Green cleaning helps the environment

The chemicals released in the air and disposed in the sewage threaten the environment with pollution and ozone depletion. Green cleaning minimizes these, causing preservation of nature through proper waste disposal and recycling.

Green cleaning helps in improving your market standing

Social awareness is one of the things that catch people’s attention when it comes to products and services they will patronize. Because you allow only environmental friendly elements and ways in maintaining your office, then you can improve your market standing by stating this to your clients. Customers know how important it is for companies to be socially aware and to do necessary adjustments so as to help preserve nature. Disseminating this vital information tickles the emotions of your target market thereby causing them to avail of your products and services over your competitors.

Green cleaning enhances efficiency

Because this betters the health of employees, janitorial services using green cleaning methods lead your company towards improved productivity. With less sickness due to poor indoor quality the performance of each department will improve drastically.

Because of the benefits to both the society and the business, more and more office space owners in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC shift to janitorial services that specialize in green cleaning. The awareness this has brought to building owners and businessmen has brought a big impact in the overall health and safety of their employees.

Janitors with proper knowledge in the basics of cleaning, waste disposal, recycling and building maintenance are professionally trained and will ensure customer satisfaction. Contact Blue Ribbon Maintenance now for your Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC office space cleaning. They provide top quality janitorial services and specialize in green cleaning.


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A cleaned bathroom from maid services

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Charlotte maid services ensure bathroom sanitation

Making every room a hygienic one is what Charlotte maid services is all about. Creating a healthy space for the family is the vision of every home cleaning service provider. Bathroom, being one of the filthiest areas in your homes, should be cleaned properly to ensure not only a spotless space but also a germ-free area.

Tile grout, toilet stains, soap scum and mildew are some of the hardest bathroom issues every homemaker faces. Just imagine the terror that awaits every house guest upon entering a smelly bathroom. Even more horror stories come to those who are tasked to clean the grimy room. Eliminate the shudder your bathroom gives you with these simple tips from experts in providing maid services in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC.

Prevent mildew by having proper ventilation

Allowing the air to circulate in your bathrooms will prevent moisture build up, avoiding mildew from contaminating your bathroom tiles. Open the windows once in a while to encourage the flow of natural air and turn on exhaust fans while you shower to prevent trapping the steam inside.

Wash the shower curtains

You can have a fresh looking shower curtain just by tossing them in the spinner and washing them with warm water. Whether cotton, vinyl or synthetic, you can clean them up in a washing machine. However, if you prefer doing it by hand, you can just scrub the dirt away with bleach and a soft brush. Hang them immediately to dry.

Free the shower area of soap scum

Maid services eliminate soap scum with commercial cleaning agents but you can create a home-made cleaner consisting of vinegar and water. Spray your chosen solution to areas where soap scum has hardened and leave for a few minutes. Do not scrub using hard abrasive scrubbers to prevent the area from fading too soon. After the solution has seeped in, rinse with hot water.

Unclog your showerhead with vinegar. Yes, vinegar is your friend. Submerge the showerhead overnight in a bag of vinegar and scrub gently using a toothbrush the next day.

Scrub the toilet properly

Spend leisure time at your favorite serene place, the toilet. To properly wash the toilet, start from the inside out. Coat the toilet interior with thick cleaner and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Scrub it with a toilet scrubber and flush it down.

Work on the exterior with a rag soaked in disinfectant cleaner. Clean every surface including the base area, the flush handle and the bidet. Rinse thoroughly and wipe down excess water.

Your bathroom can be one of the most hygienic places in your Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC homes if only you know how to maintain its cleanliness. Do not wait for grout to build up or the musty smell to contaminate your homes before you start scrubbing things down. By having a sparkling bathroom, you ensure proper health to your family and guests.

If cleaning the bathroom seems to be a dirty job for you, book an appointment now with Gloria M’s Cleaning Services. They are one of the renowned maid services providers in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC. Have them keep your bathroom germ-free for you.


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The importance of Charlotte building maintenance

commercial cleaning services keeps commercial properties in their best shape. Over time, the depreciation of every commercial building goes up because of constant wear and tear. The worth of your commercial space can be held at higher value if you give enough attention in cleaning, repairs and restoration.

The delay in attending to these matters will cause bigger problems such as low market value, pest population, pipe leaks and electrical shortages. These are just some of the effects of unmaintained offices in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC. If you want to know how this can benefit you, continue reading and see the importance of planned building maintenance.

Increases company income

Both the building owner and the tenants benefit from regular building maintenance. In terms of company income, a well-maintained building will attract more lessees and longer lease terms bringing in a stable cash flow. On the other hand, a clean office space welcomes more clients to leaseholders. This benefit will continuously flow in circles bringing higher income to both parties.

Secures health and safety

A well-maintained property ensures health and safety to everyone in and around the building. Because of the awareness of what needs immediate attention, fire from electrical shortage can be prevented as well as power outages, plumbing problems and bacterial contamination.

Slows down property deterioration

Scheduled cleaning and repairs of your commercial space in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC slows down dilapidation. Your investments will be used for a longer time with proper pest control, cleanliness and preventive maintenance. Because you put into consideration every aspect of the building to keep it in its best shape, you get to be aware of the areas that need specific repairs to prevent future consequences.

Minimizes expenses

Proper care and attention eliminates the possibility of the occurrence of disasters and emergencies. The damages resulting from these urgent situations as well as the injuries inflicted on employees and personnel call for bigger expenses. Not only will the operations be put to a halt but also the repairs and compensation will garner an amount greater than that of maintenance expenses.

Improves employee productivity

A poorly maintained building will not only fail to provide a healthy environment to its employees but will also take away the motivation in them. Because of unsanitary facilities, poor lighting fixtures, foul odor and probably the dirt that surrounds the workspace, the staff being housed in your building loses all their desire to produce quality results. The negligence to provide your employees a space conducive to working only shows how your business is run – poorly and unsatisfactory. Surely, no one would want that. Keep the production, marketing and sales up by giving enough attention to the condition of your building.

Contact Blue Ribbon Maintenance for cleaning services in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC. Guaranteed customer satisfaction and quality work are what they give their customers. They use only environment-friendly cleaning agents and have well-trained janitors to scrub your building sparkling clean. Indeed, building maintenance gives companies more benefits than it costs them. By scheduling cleaning and repairing services, you do not only ensure quality production but also increases your financial position.


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maid cleaning a carpet

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Charlotte maid providers know how to keep your carpets spotless

Charlotte maid providers have enough knowledge about home cleaning that they are willing to share it to passionate homemakers. This knowledge includes not only proper cleaning but also removing stubborn stains and dirt. While your carpet makes your place look sophisticated, it might be one of the hardest to clean. The fibers can be damaged if you scrub it too much. On the other hand, you cannot be assured that the dust is totally removed if you will not clean it thoroughly.

Proper cleaning and treating of stains is necessary to ensure that your carpet is well taken care of. Below are some of the tips from maid service companies in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC on how you can keep your carpets spotless.

Vacuum the dust

Most maid service providers start the cleaning process by vacuuming the carpet. This is necessary to remove dry dirt and dust. Applying water will just smudge off the dirt and make it stick even more to the fine fibers of your rug. Maid cleaning services start off with dusting and vacuuming the carpets clean before applying necessary treatment.

Clean with detergent mixture

Deep cleaning is more than just removing the dust but also taking the lint off. To start this process, Charlotte maid companies advise you to mix detergent evenly with water. Make sure that the mixture does not contain too much detergent because it will be hard to remove the soap suds later on. Also, ensure that your cleaner is mixed well without granules left at the bottom of the container before you proceed.

Start deep cleaning with a soft towel dipped in your mixture. Dab this on a specific area after you have vacuumed it. With a lint collector, collect the dirt left off in your rug through soft brushing. After you have collected all the visible dirt, dab it with water to remove excess soapy solution. Do this several times until your carpet is completely free from soap.

Dry it off

After the thorough cleaning process, lay a clean towel on top of the wet area to dry it off completely. Rugs are more prone to dirt so you have to ensure total dryness before storing or using the carpet again. Vacuum it once more to make the fibers fluff back to life.

Blot out the stains, do not scrub

Do not scrub areas with stains but let it sit in your soap mixture for a few minutes before finally blotting it out with clean towel. Brushing will cause the stained area to enlarge because you just let the fibers get most of the stain through it. Treat it gently by using your soap mixture and some fresh towels to clean and dry it up.

Carpets are more than just regular rugs. They add sophistication to your homes in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC and keeps your place looking nothing but presentable. Cleaning such an investment is hard work; let professional maid services handle it for you.

For knowledgeable maid services for your Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC homes, hire only Gloria M’s Cleaning Services with a line of well-trained service staff plus hassle-free online booking. Get ahead of your cleaning responsibilities and hire someone to personally perform necessary cleaning services for you. Hire no one but the best.


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Janitorial services improves productivity

Charlotte janitorial services enable you to have maximum productivity in your office through proper cleaning and organizing. With a thoroughly cleaned area, you invite your employees to work with minimal distractions thereby allowing their full potential to be used. More than just cleaning, janitorial services welcomes your visitors to a place of fully functioning personnel with not a sleepy soul or a sneezing guest relations officer to welcome them. By eliminating both the dust and the unwanted dirt, you help improve the health of your employees and in turn keep them efficient upon entering their workspaces.

However, cleaning your offices in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC is just part one of the whole process. Below are some tips and guidelines on how, through office improvement, can you help improve the efficiency of your staff as well.

Welcome natural lighting

The relaxing vibe a sunshine gives the room is utterly unexplainable. If you are situated at the office space where glass panels surround a room, have it opened to let the morning sun come in. This brings in relaxation to your employees and wakes their senses up as well. Do not let your Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC offices have that flickering, dim light bulb that will only make your employees fall into the pit of slumber.

Add indoor plants to your workspace

Plants do not only reduce stress in the office but also filters indoor air, eliminating airborne bacteria that might trigger sickness. It also helps in keeping the temperature indoors cooler since plants release evaporated water through transpiration, helping your workspace feel a bit healthier for you and your employees.

Opt for ergonomically designed products

Imagine the horror of sitting on a chair that gives you neck cramps. Scary, right? Imagine doing this for at least the whole day while you type in your angry boss’ commands to meet with the deadlines. Then that is just plain torture. Allow your employees to feel utter comfort when using office furniture and equipment. Opt for ergonomically designed products that will keep them from having back pain, neck pain and other muscle cramps associated with company fixtures.

Organize the working area

One of the most essential things in improving employee productivity is the organization of their desks. Allow minimum distractions in their own space and provide for functional materials that will keep their area tidy and pleasantly organized. Being able to move around and find everything they need eliminates unnecessary time off looking for something lost or misplaced.

By properly reconstructing your office, you allow efficiency to enter your doors and improve company profitability. A large part of this involves thoroughly cleaned spaces and properly organized desks which can be achieved by hiring Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC janitorial services. This will ensure cleaning up to the last corner of your commercial offices and help improve productivity of your whole team.

For the best janitorial services in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, hire no one else but the trained office cleaners of Blue Ribbon Maintenance to do the work for you. They provide guaranteed satisfaction with every customer and have been in the industry long enough to perfect the art of office cleaning. Call their office now and book an appointment.


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An organize and clean living room

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Charlotte House cleaning services help increase efficiency

Companies that provide house cleaning services do not only keep your space clean but also allows you to do more with your time. While your eyes are glued to your computer, your mind wanders to your household chores. With this dilemma, you either let go of your work or set aside your household.

This is how home services allow you to be more efficient. They take over your homes, clean up the corners and remove even the most stubborn dirt. They allow you to work on your reports not having to mind the clutter in your living space ever again.

Here are some of the tips to help you maximize your house cleaning services in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC:

Schedule a regular home cleaning

To be able to get the best out of paid cleaning services, schedule your home cleaning regularly. With this, you will be able to include the services in your budget. Make sure that your house is not too cluttered before setting an appointment. The big mess might wear your down.

Aside from these, a regular cleaning will also help you organize your own schedule to be able to fit more of your tasks in the calendar while your home is being serviced. Save yourself from the hassle of scheduling an appointment every time you want to be avail of the services. Contact your service provider for a scheduled monthly cleaning service.

Spend ample time with family

Charlotte house cleaning services will let your mind drift far from your cleaning chores. To maximize this, schedule a family activity to do while your house is being cleaned. You can opt for a barbecue feast in the backyard, painting party and craft activities to spend time with your family. Mundane tasks become special when you do it with important persons in your life and cleaning services help you achieve this.

Maintain home cleanliness

The best way to get more from your Charlotte house cleaning services is to maintain the order for the longest time possible. To be able to do this, you have to immediately clean up and organize the clutter before it piles up. Dust the desks, wipe counter tops and vacuum daily to ensure a spotless space before the next scheduled service.

Hire only the best

Because of the heap of tasks on your table overwhelm you, allow yourself to be serviced with only the top service provider in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC. This will ensure that every service given will render quality results and satisfaction. Read reviews and customer feedback to get a glimpse of how the company delivers results.

If you are looking for the best house cleaning services in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, hire Gloria M’s Cleaning Services. They ensure quality cleaning services with a team of well-trained maids. This will not only help you improve productivity but also will provide you with a space conducive to working and living.


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