Environment-friendly janitorial services

Hiring janitorial services makes it easier for you to work on building your career or expanding your business, without worrying about the cleanliness and appearance of your office and clinic in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC. Schedule cleaning services during hours just before and after your office hours, to keep all jobs – yours and cleaners – efficient.

Considering that there are so many environmental concerns these days, it is important that you hire an environment-friendly commercial office cleaning company. Not only can you help save the planet, working spaces will be free from harsh, harmful chemicals as well. Cleaning materials should be made of ingredients that do not pollute the waters.

Using green cleaning materials

When looking for janitorial services, ask whether the company uses green cleaning materials. You will be surprised that many of these companies offer budget-friendly rates while also using environment-friendly stuff.

Even if you do not hire janitors, you can also clean up your work spaces using eco-friendly materials. The next time you go shopping; check on cleaning solutions that are marked as safe for the environment. A number of these come at around the same prices as regular cleaners.

DIY cleaning products

It is also possible to make your own cleaning supplies. Prepare some of these green cleaning solutions to try at home or in your office. The janitorial services often bring their own cleaning supplies but many are also open to using materials they had not tried before.

For your floors, use a solution made from 4 cups of white distilled vinegar in 4 gallons of water. You can opt to add a few drops of essential oils whose scent will permeate the air when the vinegar evaporates.

For tiles and countertops, you can use a mixture of 1 cup baking soda, 2 cups vinegar, and 4 cups water. Put the mixture on the sponge and scour the areas that needed cleaning. Your clinic or office in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, can benefit from having cleaner tiles and counters.

If you notice sections that are prone to having molds and mildew, simply wipe these areas with a cloth damped with vinegar.

Hiring janitors

commercial cleaning services can easily do these menial tasks for you. It would be easier for you to focus on your job when the place you work in is clean and organized. Toxic fumes from harmful chemicals can be avoided by hiring green janitorial services.

Many clients choose companies who offer a wide range of services, including commercial stripping and waxing services. Often, these cleaning companies also offer maintenance services. Hiring such companies can make it easier for you to keep everything in your office in top shape.

You can trust Blue Ribbon Maintenance for janitorial services and all-around cleaning jobs in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC. Call them now for an appointment.


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maid services employee fixing a bed

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Maid services help maintain your home

Maid services in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC can help maintain your home, ensuring that everything is in order. In keeping your home spic and span, these professional maids help maintain your home so you can relax and enjoy your home and- when the time comes, sell the property at a better price.

Professional house cleaning services ensure that your home is not just clean but healthy as well. Allergens such as pet dander and dust mites are close to invisible, yet can do a lot of nuisance to you and your family. You can get rid of these potentially harmful allergens using vacuum cleaners with HEPA filtration system and a suction. Many people report that they breathe easier, both physically and emotionally, after their Charlotte maid has cleaned the house.

Maid services regularly remove dusts and these allergens from your walls, electric fans, pillows, mattresses, beds, comforters, sofas, and carpets. With regular cleaning, they can help ensure that your home will have a better air quality, free from harmful allergens.

For your peace of mind

Of course, we all want to have clean homes but that can be difficult to achieve on our own, especially when there are kids and pets around the house.

It is understandable that due to your busy schedule, you would need some form of help from people outside your home. For your own peace of mind, hire maid services. You’ll have a clean home and can concentrate on other things.

Hiring a maid gives you more freedom in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC

By hiring maid services, you have more freedom to focus on your work or have fun with your family. You are free to have a good time. Go watch a movie or enjoy fun picnics without worrying about keeping your home in order.

Maids are especially handy during special events, when you need people to keep the house beautiful before the party and cleaned up afterwards.  You can hire house cleaning services so that you’ll never have to worry about cleaning up after an especially messy party, especially those involving lots of kids and loads of food that could mess up the floors and furnishings. Move in and move out is also a great time for a one time maid service. But don’t forget the value of a weekly mail service, and the comfort and relief a maid can bring to your home.

House cleaning services are also quite handy during times when you have to move to a new home. The maids can help you clean up the new home before you move there while another team can assist you at the one you are about to leave.

Feel free to contact Gloria M’s Cleaning Services whenever you are in need of maid services in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC.


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Commercial office cleaning makes you more efficient in your job

Commercial office cleaning for your office in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, should be the least of your worries, really. It is high time for you to focus on your work and your clients, instead of devoting a large portion of your time in keeping your office or clinic in order.

By delegating the cleaning task, you can be more efficient in what you do because you are able to give 100% of your time and effort towards fulfilling your commitments to your clients.

Of course, it is important to keep the office clean and professional looking. After all, first impressions last – and first impressions often determine whether your new client return in the future and recommend you to his friends.

It is amazing what something as simple as hiring the services of a commercial office cleaning company can do to help you improve your job and still keep the office in order.

Convenience for your business

When hiring commercial office commercial cleaning services, you might want to consider asking them to schedule the job during hours when your office or clinic is most likely to be empty. That could be an hour before opening and an hour after closing times.

Aside from the fact that doing the cleaning jobs during these hours can ensure that the cleaners do not bother your clients, cleaning up can really be more efficient and easier to do when the facility is empty. Your full-time staff can also work efficiently, without being distracted by the cleaners doing their job.

Less hassle in terms of handling staff in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC

By taking advantage of the services offered by a commercial office cleaning company, you do not have to deal with the hassles of going through the process of hiring someone to do the cleaning, training him, monitoring his job, paying his wages and benefits, and all sorts of activities that could take up another chunk from your time.

In short, all you have to do is to find a cleaning company in the locality. It is up to them to hire, train, pay, and monitor the people who would be sent to your office to keep it clean. Considering that you would be entrusting your office to the hands of the people sent by the cleaning company, it is important to find one who can be trusted.

In looking for that company, consider all your options and check with other companies for recommendations.

For excellent all-around cleaning jobs in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, you can trust Blue Ribbon Maintenance. Call them now for an appointment or to check for recommendations from satisfied customers. They provide experienced staff and use only green/safe cleaning materials for more efficient yet environment-friendly commercial office cleaning.


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A maid preparing equipment for cleaning

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Charlotte maid services make storage organized and sanitary

While your thoughts are mainly about home cleaning, Charlotte maid services also offer intensive fridge cleaning and organization. This may have been a nifty task that everyone can do, however, maids offer not only wiping off spills but also sanitizing your food storage facility.

Because fridge cleanliness is as vital to your health as your daily dose of vitamins, Charlotte maid services reveal tips on how you can keep this organized even after their scheduled clean up.

1.       Use baskets to keep things in place

Small bottles that can hold several items are the best way to organize your fridge. Use it to sort all the contents of your freezer (and even in your pantry, the laundry room, basically everywhere) and stash it side by side. This will not only prevent small bottles from falling off but will also help you keep track of all the contents of your refrigerator.

2.       Labeling is the best way not to get lost

Add up some labels to your baskets and you’re sure not to mix things up after you have successfully sorted everything. This will also help the kids to know where to get and put things back to avoid clutter.

3.       Check the expiry dates

Keep those items that are near their retirement in the frontline. If you will be transferring food into another container, add labels when these will expire so your family will know when to consume it. Stash the newly bought grocery items at the back of the fridge to avoid it being massacred first. Make sure that everything is eaten right before it expires.

4.       Smart way to store leftovers: clear containers

Leftovers can be reheated and reused for another dish that you might be cooking the next day. Store them in clear containers such as airtight plastic containers for food, mason jars for salads and Ziplocs for dried ones. These will display your leftovers clearly and allows proper organization inside the fridge.

5.       Great for odor absorption: activated carbon

No that your fridge is looking smart with proper labels and organization; you have to eliminate unwanted odors brought about by meat and other food stashed inside it. Charlotte maid services recommend using activated carbon found in most pet stores. Just leave it inside, at the back of your fridge, to end the issues of fridge odor.

Your fridge is undeniably a place of health and wellness. Having it organized will not only prevent bacterial infestation but will also minimize food waste brought by spoilage.

If you prefer to have it cleaned by professionals, to have them show you proper organizing tips and to sanitize it to ensure safety for your family, then it is time for you to book with Gloria M’s maid services. They provide quality cleaning services for your Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC homes.



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Charlotte janitorial services know where to strategically place your office fixtures

Keeping your Charlotte office space clean and organized is the goal of all janitorial services provider. However, it is not all that there is. More than just cleaning, mopping and messing with the pests, janitors aim to keep your space conducive for working. By strategically placing your office furniture and equipment, they do not only help your space look better but they also prevent occasional accidents that might pose harm to employees.

If you visualize a workplace without your hired commercial cleaners, then you are doomed for health and professional risks. Check out the following items in your office that we rated as dangerous:

Xerox machine

It is not hidden that copy machines emit harmful chemicals in the process which are found to be toxic to the body. Not only that, these monstrous report multipliers can harm your eyes from too much light it generates while duplicating your files.

While it is absolutely necessary in the corporate world, the best way to secure the health of your employees is to take turns in using the copier. This way, no one will be at the frontlines of danger since exposure is only for a few minutes.


In the aisle, at the hallway, in the bathroom; they are basically everywhere!! Like a horror movie, floors follow you wherever you go. Or maybe they are already there before you think of even going somewhere. Well, whatever it is, floors can undeniably cause you harm. Tangled cords everywhere, slippery ones in the lobby, and chunks of dirt somewhere unseen; they can all put you at risk.

It is essential that your Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC cleaner knows how to properly organize the cords and label the wet floors to keep you from landing on your behind.

Cleaning agents

Potentially dangerous chemicals can sometimes hide under your necessities. Cleaning agents release chemicals that might test your body’s immune system and mess up with your indoor air quality.

While you cannot let your workspace look like trash, you can prevent harmful chemicals from entering your perimeter by hiring janitorial services that use the green cleaning method. It is a safer way to clean because it is good for your health, the environment and at the same time keeps your office spic-and-span.

Indeed, there is no spot of safety anywhere in this world. However, by carefully looking into details, you can still ensure wellness in your office. Strategically place filing cabinets, chairs and desks so it will not cause bumps among anyone. Keep the cords neatly placed under the tables by tying it securely. Label the wet floors properly and research about your commercial cleaners before giving then the job.

If you are looking for janitorial services in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC, Blue Ribbon Maintenance is the one for you. They are highly regarded for their green cleaning and high quality service. Contact them now and book an appointment to keep your office space well-maintained.


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Maid servicesCharlotte maid creates a better home

Charlotte maid services create an environment that is not only good for your family’s health but also teaches your kids social responsibilities and proper hygiene. Thinking about home cleaning just adds up to your pile of stressful tasks. However, you cannot just put this matter at the corner of your table and not attend to it.

Having a messy home gives your kids an impression that unhygienic living, disorganized space and irresponsible ownership are acceptable. We all know these will affect their perception of responsibility, ownership and life in general. With these in mind, Charlotte maid services give you these tips in teaching your little ones about home cleaning.

Start early

Toddler years may be terrible but this is also the best time to start honing your children’s character. Aside from lending a hand, teaching them to pick their toys up will improve their grip and sensory motor skills.

Be an example

Although hiring a maid from Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC is the most convenient way to dust your home, showing your kids how you maintain cleanliness is more significant than your commands. Because kids are curious, they will always love to join you clean something. Because they embrace what they see around them, they will mimic your actions. If you show them small acts of cleaning every now and then, be sure that they will end up loving the freshly polished floors too.

Determine age-appropriate tasks

Demanding from them something that they cannot do will not only frustrate them but will make them hate the task. Know what they can and cannot do, do not stress them too much and make sure that you won’t go overboard in asking them to help. Otherwise, you will sound like the boss from hell and no one will dare listen to your orders.

Make cleaning fun

Make work feel like play. Let them help you cook, prepare crafts for them, teach them how to fancifully set the family table and let them help you clean up after each activity. This way, you will be able to show them that cleaning up is always part of the process. You can prepare games for cleaning up too like Pick the color where they pick up all the items of a specific color and put them back properly where they belong.

Be patient

The secret to all these? A little creativity and a lot of patience. Kids do not learn things in a day so make sure you have stashed a pocketful of patience.

Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC need more homes that rear up kids of good character. By making everyday task an opportunity to learn, you are creating beings that will be a positive force in the society. Let your hired maid do the intensive cleaning of your home but be sure to maintain cleanliness by doing small acts of picking and organizing.

For all your home cleaning needs, call Gloria M’s Cleaning Services, the best maid service provider in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC.  Reserve a slot now via a hassle-free online booking and build a healthy home your family deserves.


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Charlotte office spaces need the right maintenance and cleaning services for their flooring

Your Charlotte office flooring deserves regular cleaning and maintenance to keep its life longer and make it look presentable. Since your workspace is a home not only for you but also for your clients, keeping it sparkling is a necessity. Not only does this leave a good impression among your clients but also helps you perform better at work.

The importance of having the right flooring is not only for aesthetic reasons but also to minimize company expenses. Having the right material means giving the right treatment for your flooring too. If you are thinking of what to use for your space or how to maintain perfectly polished floors, read on for a few tips.

Hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring makes a space feel warm and cozy. On the other hand, this type of flooring requires intensive cleaning and proper handling because it can be easily damaged if not dealt with properly. To maintain the life of your hardwood floor, it is essential to use cleaning products without ammonia. Determining the type of finish is significant since not all wood floors are advisable to be cleaned with water and soap.

Carpeted floors

Carpets look sophisticated and functional, perfect to welcome high profile customers around the block. However, if you will not invest in a durable type of carpet, it can easily show wear and tear after some time of accommodating a number of foot traffic. Maintenance of commercial carpets requires vacuuming, low moisture encapsulation and hot water extraction as part of the regular cleaning method.

Tiled floors

Tiles are never out of style. Aside from the fact that it adds value to your Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC property, it is also low in maintenance and easy to install. Care and maintenance for tiled floors is as simple as wiping the spills, vacuuming the dirt, mopping and polishing the area with a commercial floor buffer. Most commercial space cleaners use a floor sealer to enhance protection and appearance of your floors. This also prolongs that shiny look and keeps it from scratches brought by several abrasive materials.

Laminated flooring

Options on how your laminated floors will look come in different varieties such as wood, stone and tile. Laminated floors are essentially durable and inexpensive. However, this is also prone to water damage if not handled properly. Simple sweeping and vacuuming is the way to keep it clean. Wipe spills immediately to avoid it being seeped in and damaging your floors.

Part of the overall look of your office is the properly selected flooring. Other than value and aesthetics, well-maintained flooring keeps your expenses at a minimum. It also brings out an attitude that leaves your clients impressed and coming back for more.

For an all around commercial cleaning service, call Blue Ribbon Maintenance to keep your workspace looking neat and impressive. Check out how many satisfied customers from Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC they have served and experience it yourself. Book an appointment now and show off a remarkable office space.


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A maid cleaning the room

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Home cleaning by renowned Charlotte maid services help improve household health

There are plenty of ways to obtain optimum wellness for your family and one of this is the expertise of Charlotte maid services in cleaning your homes. You might be thinking how a simple house cleaning service can better your health? Good point. Maid services free your homes from dust and allergens that populate the air you breathe. By thoroughly cleaning the walls, ceiling, fans, floors and everything else, these unseen microorganisms are eliminated, thereby improving overall health and wellness of the household.

While domestic services are scheduled appointments, the need to keep indoor air quality goes far after their visit. To keep the lasting air quality in your homes, here are some tips from Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC maid services provider.

Keep the allergens away

Most air pollutants are dust mites and pet dander transported to and from your homes by your visitors. You might not have pets but pet dander must have been carried to your homes by a relative who is or a colleague who happens to drop by a pet store. Either way, you cannot get away with the fact that these allergens are inside your homes, triggering asthma within the family.

Get rid of this by vacuuming your floors regularly with HEPA filtration system and a suction that ensures nothing is left behind. This also lowers the lead levels and toxins in your homes. After vacuuming, rid your floors of the remaining dust with a mop. A mop traps whatever is left behind by your vacuum and leaves the floor looking and smelling fresh.

Do not allow smoking indoors

Whether in or out, we all know that smoking is of no good to anybody, not to the smoker and definitely not to the people around. By allowing anyone to fire up a cigar inside your home, you are creating a pit of death to your family. The walls trap the dangerous chemicals omitted by the smoker, making it harder to get rid of even after a few cleaning.

Secondhand smoke has been found to be a major cause of cancer, respiratory infections and asthma. Better kick the smokers out of your home before it kicks the life out of your family.

Humidify your homes

Fact: moisture increases molds and allergens. Keep them under control by using air conditioner during summer and controlling humidity during the cold winter season. It is also essential to open windows when cooking, showering and washing the dishes to reduce air moisture and allow a flow of natural air in.

While these organisms seem useless because they are unseen, we cannot deny the fact that indoor air quality affects the health of every family in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC. Maid services help improve the air circulating in your homes to give your family a healthier living quarter.

For all your cleaning needs, contact Gloria M’s Cleaning Services, the best one in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC. Their trained staff knows how to properly deal with dirt, scum and dust in your homes. Contact them or try their hassle-free online booking to avail of their maid services now.


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Choose which among the Charlotte commercial cleaning services suit you

Commercial cleaning services is a broad term used by Charlotte cleaning companies to speak of the nature of their business. While this is commonly used by everyone, not all cleaning services are the same. There are specifically designed services to fit every need of every client.

To some it is nothing but dusting and mopping but to professionally trained service providers, there is more to cleaning than just that. The need to assess and identify the location as well as the services right for it is essential. As a building owner, the knowledge on how all these are different from each other is a good starting point if you wish to avail of these services. Here are the most common commercial cleaning services being offered in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC.

Moving in and post construction clean up

The need to have every building cleaned up before moving in is essential in creating a space conducive for working. Post construction debris poses a big health risk for the employees. Without an in-depth knowledge in dealing with these, the productivity of every employee will be compromised which might lead to your business’ poor market performance.

Medical office cleaning

Medical offices in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC need a specialized way of cleaning. Because the owner of these spaces does not only deal with diseases and fragile clients but also throws in hazardous wastes, the need to properly address these issues is a significant part of their profession. This requires trainings specially made for medical office cleaners to ensure well-sanitized working quarter for every medical practitioner.

Building maintenance

Building maintenance speaks more than just polishing marble floors. This refers to tweaking of electrical wires and water pipes to ensure that the building is safe from accidents caused by faulty wiring and leakages. A regular janitor might not be fit for this job as this requires intensive training on functions and repairs of electrical circuits. Hiring someone incompetent will put not only the worker but the whole company at risk.

Carpet cleaning

Yes, carpet cleaners are specialized workforce who maintains the quality of residential and commercial carpets. This includes proper deodorizing, stain removal and dust elimination to make this investment a lasting one. This also keeps the indoor air better since the dust mites, germs and other microorganisms flock in commercial carpets. These tiny living creatures from the employees’ footwear plague commercial spaces if not properly treated.

There are a lot of ways to have your offices cleaned and maintained by professional commercial cleaning services. It is important to know which suits you best. Having the knowledge at the methods and services your Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC building needs help a lot in receiving satisfaction from your cleaning companies.

Whatever your needs may be, Blue Ribbon Maintenance has it all for you. Choose from among its services and what is more, every service is done with a method that is safe for the environment and the health of employees. This is green cleaning, one of the things that make Blue Ribbon a highly regarded commercial cleaning services provider in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC. Book an appointment now and experience value for your money.


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The need to hire a Charlotte medical office cleaning service

Whether you are a doctor, a dentist or just another professional in the medical field, the need to hire Charlotte medical office cleaning services is necessary. This does not only create a welcoming ambiance to patients but also an impression that you provide quality healthcare. Trained cleaning professionals not only know how to handle specific medical equipment but also promotes green cleaning, a safer way to sanitize your workspace.

As the owner of the workplace, you should know the areas that need to be attended to ensure that your place will present your competence to new and returning patients.

A litter-free parking lot is the best way to welcome clients

Even if the parking lot is yards away from where you conduct diagnosis, cleanliness should still be instilled in this area. Litters may not be too bothersome but negligence in these small matters gives the impression of unprofessionalism to your patients. While you may be one of the top healthcare provider in your area, if your parking lot looks as untidy as the sewage, then no one will dare visit your clinic and avail of your services.

The waiting area should be free from airborne diseases

Apart from the parking lot, the hallways and the waiting area should also be sparkling clean. No one wants to wait in the murky halls that look like the scene in a horror movie, right? I bet you agree. Taking note of these areas out of your clinic will drastically change the number of clients you have. This will also ensure that they will not be inflicted with diseases from the poor quality of indoor air.

Provide comfort to patients who will use your restroom

Your restroom might not be part of your workplace but this is another area in your office that needs cleaning. Patients coming from anywhere in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC will come with all sorts of diseases and health problems. Having an unsanitary restroom will only pose as health hazard to your already fragile patients.

Your clinic is where all the magic happens

Where you stood is where the miraculous works of knowledge and science happens. You diagnose diseases, prescribe medicines, read lab tests and treat your patients. There is nothing better than having a place conducive to these kinds of activities. Not only will medical office cleaning services provide professional cleaning to your clinic but will also improve the air circulating around.

There really is so much more to having a medical office cleaned. The places that require special attention sometimes seem too far or too unimportant to be attended. Whether in or out of your office, every part of your place needs to be well-polished and hygienic. This leaves good impression on people and ensures optimum wellness to you and your patients.

Contact Blue Ribbon Maintenance for all your Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC office cleaning needs. They use state-of-the-art green cleaning procedure that helps the environment while cleaning up your clinics.


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