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Deep cleaning of Charlotte commercial offices

When you hire a commercial cleaner, the first step they will want to take is to offer an initial deep cleaning of your commercial offices. It’s important not to skip this important and through cleaning.

commercial cleaning services, like Blue Ribbon Maintenance in Charlotte, deep clean to remove all the heavy dust, dirt and grim that gathers over the months. The goal of a commercial deep cleaning is to remove all this built up dust, dirt and grim, and also disinfect the office area.

Key areas in an initial deep office cleaning

Commercial office cleaning services begin the deep cleaning process by focusing on telephone receivers, including the numbers pad. This is an area that carries lots of germs and can make everyone in the office sick. Keyboards on computers are also germ filled areas and need to be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly. Bathrooms are another essential area to give time and detail for the deep cleaning, along with any shared kitchen areas of an office.  Starting with a deep cleaning is the right way to begin services with a janitorial service. Once the office is deep cleaned, it’s easier to maintain and keep clean on a daily basis.

Process of an initial office cleaning

Janitorial services usually begin be removing all the furniture- or moving it to another area so that all floor areas can be swept, mopped and vacuumed.   Our commercial cleaning team kindly asks that you clear as much personal items off your desks as possible. We will then disinfect all desk top areas, all keyboards, and phone parts.

In the bathrooms, our commercial janitorial services clean all toilets, inside and out, and disinfect them. Walls are cleaned. Floors are damp wiped or moped, or vacuumed.

In the office areas all glass is cleaned, including entry doors. There is dusting- high and low. We debug and clean all light fixtures in the office areas.

If you have a kitchen area in your office- the counter tops are cleaned and disinfected. All cabinet doors are damp wiped inside and out. If you have a refrigerator- it is also cleaned inside and outside.

Other areas covered include an A/C return- filters are removed and cleaned, clean and dust the outer cases, replace the filters if needed. We will replace light bulbs when needed.

We recommend getting commercial cleaners to do a deep clean at least twice a year.   Regular cleanings can be done weekly, or if you need medical office cleaning, daily cleanings can be done. The high and low dusting additional services are recommended on a monthly basis.

To keep your office clean, and your employees and customers healthy, invest in a quality commercial office cleaning service, such as Blue Ribbon Maintenance, serving Charlotte NC and surrounding areas.



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Deep clean my Charlotte home

Deep cleaning

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Why does my Charlotte house need deep cleaning?

It’s important to deep clean every inch of your home, at least twice a year. Deep cleaning means a full and detailed cleaning of every part of your home

The deep cleaning process

In every room, deep cleaning is important. The living room, for example; to deep clean- move the furniture and vacuum all the carpeted areas thoroughly. Vacuum inside the couch and chairs and remove any debris that has fallen in the cracks. If the room isn’t carpeted, or has sections that are not carpeted, sweep the entire area before mopping.     Use glass cleaning on pictures and frames. Remove all items on top of counters and tables. Dust and clean those surfaces as well as dust the items that were sitting on them.

To deep clean a bedroom- first sweep and mop or vacuum all areas on the room, including under the bed. Vacuum and turn the mattress. Dust and clean any pictures, along with their frames. Remove any items on top of tables and dust and clean them, along with cleaning and dusting the tables. Curtains should be removed and cleaned. The blinds should be dusted and cleaned in the bath tub.

Deep cleaning a bathroom is slightly different. To begin the deep cleaning of the bathroom- first clean and disinfect the toilet – inside and out. Clean the sinks and the bathroom cabinets. Clean the mirrors. Clean and disinfect the shower areas. Wash or replace the bath mats. The bathroom is a very important part of your home. Pay special attention to cleaning in this area.

Kitchen deep cleaning starts with the counters. Remove all items from the counter tops. Damp wipe the counter tops and also clean the items that were sitting on the countertops.  Clean the inside and the outside of the cabinet doors. Now for the stove. Clean the top of the stove, making sure to use the correct products for the type of stove you have.   . Remove the grates, if you have them, off of the top of the stove. Clean the inside of the stove.  Clean inside and outside of the refrigerator, along with behind the refrigerator. Clean and remove the curtains.

Most important aspects of deep cleaning your home

The two most important areas to clean in the deep cleaning process are the kitchen and the bathroom.   Both areas have the possibility of more germs than other areas of your home. The entire deep cleaning process should last about four to five hours. It’s important not to rush or miss anything.

Once the deep cleaning is done, twice a year, it’s easier to maintain the cleanliness of your home. Also, once you have removed the heavy dust, grim, dirt and grease- your home will feel lighter, smell wonderful and look great. I’ve had clients tell me they feel so much better once the deep cleaning is completed and feel like I’ve lightened their load on life. A cleaning home is easier to enjoy and live in. For those that work at home, a cleaner home is easier to concentrate, and work productively in.

Beautify and protect one of your most precious and important assets- your home. Contact Gloria M’s Cleaning today for a quote on deep cleaning your Charlotte area home.


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Gloria M’s Cleaning was founded in 1992 by Rohan Banton. It was named after his mother, Gloria Banton, who taught him the importance of keeping a house clean all the time. More than two decades later, Gloria M’s Cleaning is now a well-established house cleaning service provider that offers weekly or bi-monthly cleaning schedules to clients. They cater to home owners in Charlotte, Belmont, Concord, Cornelius, Davidson, Fort Mill, Gastonia, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, Lake Norman and surrounding areas: Cabarrus County, Salisbury and Sun City.

Recently, the company added a new payment method that will surely please all their clients. House cleaners will now carry with them credit card swipe machines so clients can pay for Gloria M’s Cleaning services with a credit card! With this new payment method, transactions are made even more hassle-free and faster!

For more information about the new payment method and the services offered by Gloria M’s Cleaning, visit


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It is very important to keep your commercial space clean. However, some companies cannot afford the extra cost of hiring a stay-in janitor with a monthly pay. This is why hiring the services of professional cleaners who will come in only when you call them is the best option.

Blue Ribbon Maintenance was founded by Rohan Banton in 1992 and relaunched in 2012. The cleaning company offers commercial cleaning services, janitorial services, medical office cleaning and maintenance. They are also known for green cleaning, wherein cleaners use environmentally-friendly products and cleaning methods. They cater to clients in Charlotte, Belmont, Concord, Cornelius, Davidson, Fort Mill, Gastonia, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, Lake Norman and surrounding areas like Cabarrus County, Salisbury and Sun City.

Recently, the company launched a new payment method that will make transactions with clients much easier. Cleaners will now have a credit card swipe machine with them, on site, so clients can pay for Blue Ribbon Maintenance services with a credit card! With this new payment option, clients now have more options when hiring the services of these North Carolina professional cleaners.

To know more about the new payment mode, visit


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Holiday Hours

Happy Holidays from Blue Ribbon Maintenance

Blue Ribbon Maintenance will be closed from DEC. 24 to January 5th and will reopen on January 6th.



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Happy Holidays to You!

Gloria M’s Cleaning will be closed from DEC. 24 to January 5th and will reopen on January 6th.

Happy Holidays to you all and thank you for your loyalty to Gloria M’s Cleaning!

Happy Holidays from Gloria M's Cleaning



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Green cleaning for us

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Green cleaning for our Charlotte commercial cleaning services

A few days ago I was asked why my company, Blue Ribbon Maintenance, uses Green Cleaning. We started Green Cleaning about eight years ago, before it was even very popular. As my team and I cleaned offices and other commercial cleaning, we were upset with how harsh the products are for these janitorial services. The cleaning products made me cough and feel funny after breathing the cleaning products while I cleaned.

Visiting a janitorial cleaning products store

I went to my local janitorial cleaning products store and explained the problem. I asked what solutions are available that will clean commercial buildings and clean office buildings without the harm of strong chemicals- ones that my team and I breathe while cleaning, and harsh smells that we leave after the commercial cleaning services are done.

Going Green with Green Cleaning in our commercial office cleanings

Blue Ribbon Maintenance then decided to “go Green.”  These cleaning products are all plant based. We changed all of our products to green to make a healthier environment for the offices and medical offices we clean for, along with making our planet safer too.

Benefits of Green Cleaning

  • Healthier office environment:  chemicals absorb into the skin and can be breathed in. The office environment is safer and healthier with green cleaning. Green cleaning will help office workers and our janitorial service avoid allergies, and even asthma and lung disease
  • Purer environment:  when we use Green Cleaning, harmful chemicals are not released into the environment or lingering in the air. Green cleaning reduces pollution to the waterways and the air. It minimizes the ozone depletion and global climate change.
  • Safer products:  Green cleaning won’t burn skin and are not corrosive.
  • Better knowledge of ingredients:  you know exactly what is in each cleaning product with Green Cleaning.

So many janitorial and office cleaning services are starting to embrace the green cleaning now. It’s best for everyone, instead of using harsh chemicals that make the commercial cleaning crew sick along with leaving the harsh smell in the offices.

Green cleaning is here to stay. The harsh chemicals create a sick building- as all the chemicals compound over time.  Green cleaning includes waxes, striper, window cleaning and disinfectants.  Ask your current commercial cleaning services if they do green cleaning. If not, then contact Blue Ribbon Maintenance today, to begin your commercial cleaning services with us and have a healthier life and healthier office environment.


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Charlotte house cleaning

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Mold and Charlotte house cleaning tips

I have had a few clients ask how does mold come to grow in the shower areas?  Why does mold grow here and how can I get rid of it, or at least, keep it down to a minimum? There are some very simple solutions to this.

Your exhaust fan is a key ingredient to keeping mold away. Most people don’t know the correct usage of an exhaust fan. It is in your bathroom to remove excess moisture. Some people think the exhaust fan is for taking out bad order or circulating air.

The risks of having mold in your bathroom

Mold really does pose a health risk. All molds, ever the non-toxic types that are in your shower, can make you sick. Non-toxic molds are the ones that are most likely to make you ill, because they are most common, says mold expert Jay Portnoy, MD, an allergist at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.

There is evidence that all types of molds  have the potential to cause headaches, dizziness, allergic reactions, asthma attacks and even as simple as an allergic reactions or as scary as a lung infection.

Getting rid of the mold

The best way to stop the mold from getting worse or even showing up is to turn on the exhaust fan before you turn on the water for your shower or bath. The exhaust fan will remove any excess moisture from the air. Then, take a regular spray bottle. Combine five percent bleach and then fill the rest with water. You can choose the scent of bleach you prefer. Put the bottle in the corner of the shower and then enjoy your shower.

Also, put a squeegee in the shower with you, and have it ready for later. After taking a shower, you can squeegee the glass, if you have glass enclosures. Then spray your bleach combination bottle on the walls of the shower. Let it dry on the walls. Then you leave. If you do this every day, the mold should go away and also not return.

If you don’t have an exhaust fan in your bathroom, you can open a nearby window to have a similar effect on clearing the air. You may even want to consider installing an exhaust fan in your bathroom to prevent mold. Anytime there is excess moisture, anywhere in your house, mold can begin growing in less than 24 hours. So, make sure there isn’t any water backlogged or sitting anywhere in your house.

This is a simple Charlotte housekeeping tip to remove the mold from your shower and keep it away. Here at Gloria M’s Cleaning, we want to make keeping your house clean our passion and will be happy to answer any cleaning questions you have. Just email us at with your house cleaning question, and we will turn it in to a blog. Or, for the biggest time saver, give us a call and we will begin cleaning your house next week.


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Environmentally safe office cleaning

Welcome to the first of many blogs of Blue Ribbon Maintenance. This blog is meant to be informative and educational. As on our sister blog site Gloria M’s Cleaning we will be welcoming any all topics to blog about. Just email us @ Please follow us as we blog and please give comments.. Thank -you

Why Micro- Fiber?

Why is Micro- fiber a big thing in the cleaning industry? First Micro-fiber is not a new kind of fabric. It has been around for the better part of ten years or more. what is Micro-fiber it is a fabric that is woven with over a thousand individual   threads. It is used in all  phases of today’s  life.  A good example are couches and clothes. For the cleaning industry this fiber a major help to the those who use them and adhere to uses.

The main reason why Blue Ribbon Maintenance uses Micro-fiber is because it has been proven that it reduces transfer of germs.  Professionals, like those who work at Blue Ribbon Maintenance, know we should be using the color code method as part of your daily cleaning.  What the color coded method is  using four color cloth for different areas in the building. That includes mop heads as well.

Examples of Green Cleaning and Micro-Fiber Uses:

At Blue Ribbon Maintenance we use Red, Blue, Yellow,  and Green. We use them this way:

  • Red: grease and grime and polishing
  • Blue:    Glass cleaning
  • Green : bathrooms
  • Yellow: Kitchen
  • Mop Head we use green, white , blue
  • White: hallways

By using the different colors in micro-fibers, we reduce  the chances of cross contamination, and provides a healthier and cleaner work environment.

For those who think Micro-fiber is only a passing “fad”. it is not going away. We encourage you to make it a part of your daily use.


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House Cleaning Tips

The blog for Gloria M’s cleaning is meant to be educational and informative. We will do blogs according to what the people ask of us. So please email us @  and we will know better what to post articles on for you. I am looking forward to keeping the public fead well with food for thought.House cleaning tips from Gloria's M Cleaning

Ring around the toilet

Quite a few of my clients have expressed concerns as to why some of the toilets that they don’t use regularly look so bad. It looks like what I would call a “Science project.

There is a really quick fix for this. First any toilet that not used often- your should leave the lid open. I know many of us automatically close them. The reason for this that the toilet is not breathing so to speak. Air must get in the toilet to keep bacteria and germs from growing.

Also clean that toilet at least once a month, even if you don’t use it,  to keep germs and bacteria from growing. One thing you should never do is put the block in the toilet to help clean them. For over time they are prone to erode the flushing parts of a toilet.


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