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Choosing a Charlotte Maid Service to clean your home

There are many maid services in the Charlotte and Kannapolis area. Sometimes it seems like there are so many maids and house cleaning services, it doesn’t really matter which one you choose. But, there are individual maids, large house cleaning services and smaller cleaning services.

Characteristics of a quality maid service

It’s important to remember the primary characteristics of a quality Charlotte maid service.

  • Reliable
  • Green Cleaning or Eco-friendly cleaning
  • Skilled and Trained
  • Comes with excellent references

How to keep your home clean between cleanings- and have a clutter free home

Clutter can easily build up in the house, most especially on busy days. All homeowners know how hard and tiring it is to go to every room just to de-clutter. This is the reason why most households just leave the clutter and let it build up daily. The problem with leaving it be is that the clutter will most likely build up. It’s important to have a daily regime to keep your house picked up, and not let the clutter accumulate.

What homeowners can do to avoid clutter in the first place is to enforce a 10-minute pick up time on a daily basis. This rule is very simple that even children can do it!

Learn more about this 10 minute rule: all you need to do is to prepare a big bucket, a basket or a box and go around the house to pick up all the clutter then put the items back to their proper places. Do this every morning and in the evening and you will soon find keeping your home clutter free is so much easier.  With less items in the wrong place, you are less likely to lose your keys, your purse, or your kid’s homework. Having a clutter free home also helps you feel more relaxed and you can take a deep breath, not a deep sigh, when you enter your home.

Keeping a home smelling fresh all the time

Between cleanings of your Charlotte maid service, here are tips to keep your home smelling fresh and clean.  With the windows shut and the heater on most of the time, the air inside the house will start to feel dry and musty.  You may want to open the window and let some of the spring air in, but this also lets in the allergens and pollen that may affect you, your children and pets.

If you want to improve your home’s air quality, you can start by vacuuming under the heater grates on your floors where there is usually a build-up of dust, pet hair and debris. It would help to dust the blades of your fans too to reduce the dust floating around the house. You will also be surprised at how much dust and dirt that your drapes can accumulate. Dust your drapes to remove all the filth.

Get fresh air and less clutter with a Charlotte Maid service

If you do not have the time to do all these things, you can always hire the help of a home cleaning service in Charlotte like Gloria M’s Cleaning. These service providers have skilled cleaning technicians that will make sure there is no dirt and grime left in your house after the clean-up.


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How commercial cleaning services help keep your medical practice clean

Having a Charlotte medical practice, or other healthcare type office that offers medical services, labs, surgery, or other medical services, requires a very clean and sanitized office. First impressions are important, as your patients enter, along with knowing that it is not just about dirt, but bacteria, and other germs that could be on the surfaces or in the air.  It does not need a lot of work to keep an office space clean. With small steps done regularly, by a trained commercial office cleaning service, medical offices can keep the space sanitized all the time.

It’s also important to hire a trained commercial cleaning service. One that knows how to keep your medical office facility clean and meet health standards.  A cleaning team that is trained to work around possible blood borne pathogens and sharps.  You do not just want to hire a regular cleaning service for your medical practice.

Steps medical staff can take to assist the Charlotte janitorial service

Staff can start by taking out the trash regularly. A build-up of trash can be the perfect place for germs to multiply, which is something any medical facility do not want to happen. This is why it is recommended to take out the trash at least at the end of every day. Staff may also use a disinfectant spray to make sure that no germs are left behind.

When there are spills inside the facility, it is best practice to wipe it off immediately. This will not only avoid stains, but it will also keep everyone safe from accidents caused by spills on the floor.

Keeping hand sanitizer at the check-in area of the medical practice will help keep your medical team and patients safer. Keep masks available for those who arrive contagious or with other respiratory illnesses. Admit these patients to a private room, as soon as possible, to prevent spreading of their illness.

Hire a Charlotte commercial cleaning service to do the job

To keep your medical practice properly sanitized, along with clean, it’s best to find the most qualified commercial cleaning services in your area. Janitorial service providers like Blue Ribbon Maintenance, of Charlotte and Kannapolis. This janitorial service has highly trained cleaning technicians that know how to keep a medical office space clean and sanitized. They are also knowledgeable about the cleaning solutions used and proper cleaning techniques to make sure that no contamination will occur.

Hiring a trained commercial cleaning service is not the same as hiring a regular janitorial service. Just cleaning dirt is not enough, and the service should comply with all health standards, along with a more regular schedule of cleaning. Contact your local Charlotte commercial cleaning service for your medical practice cleaning needs.


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Charlotte maid

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Charlotte Maid avoids cross contamination while cleaning your home

At the end of the day, after several hours in the office or school or any other place, coming home gives everyone a sense of security and comfort. Usually, you let your guard down once inside your residence knowing there could be no other place safer. What you are usually not conscious or aware of is that you could be opening your door as well to germs from anywhere else. Everything you touch could be become microbe-infested and others who get in contact with the same surfaces and equipment could also help spread diseases around. This is called cross-contamination. With a Charlotte maid to keep your home neat and clean, it should not be a problem at all.

Without proper cleaning, germs stay at home

In schools, office buildings, health care facilities or any public place, it is easy to catch pathogens or disease-causing microorganisms. Not all of these locations take appropriate measures to control cross contamination. Since you could be in many places throughout the day, chances are that you or other members in the household can bring it to your home. You may even get germs without going anywhere. Bacteria, for example, can proliferate right in your sink and toilet and you could be unknowingly spreading it around. Do you even have time to address cross contamination without losing some quality time with your family? That’s why having a Charlotte maid do the cleaning for you can be more helpful than you realize.

What difference do house cleaning services make for your Charlotte home?

Though you may have the time to take care of this yourself, there’s always a chance of overlooking surfaces like doorknobs, stair rails, and refrigerator door handle. A Charlotte maid knows where the high risk areas are and how to prevent cross contamination by practicing the following techniques and more:

  • Identifying, removing and cleaning pollutants and germ breeding grounds
  • Using the right cleaning agents and materials that disinfect and clean without harming people and pets
  • Disposing waste properly
  • Using the latest technology and equipment
  • Maintaining cleanliness and sanitation by following an effective and efficient cleaning routine

Charlotte maid services are available weekly and bi-monthly on regular days, after parties and other occasions for higher traffic inside your home, and for seasonal house cleaning. You can also count on the help of your local provider for specific tasks as carpet cleaning, tile and wood floor cleaning, and pet hair removal.

Choosing the best Charlotte maid services provider can be quite tricky but you can always rely on provider experience and customer satisfaction to point you to the right direction. Check out what Gloria M’s Cleaning services has to offer for residents in Charlotte, Kannapolis, Cabarrus County, Sun City SC and surrounding area.


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Charlotte janitorial service does medical facility cleaning

Using a commercial cleaning services for your medical facility cleaning will prevent sickness. Getting sick can be quite a hassle for any person. It doesn’t only affect you physically, it also affects you performance in your office or in school. Thanks to local doctors and other health professionals, the effects can be minimized with specific medical interventions. It is always a good practice to visit the doctor for checkup to get the appropriate treatment when you are sick. Patients expect to be treated in health care offices, not get sicker. Health care personnel, by not getting sick also, expect to be able to help as many patients as possible to get better. Effective medical facility cleaning plays a big role in meeting the expectations of people who visit, work in and get help from these establishments.

Keeping visitors healthy in a medical practice

Not everyone one who comes to a hospital or clinic is either sick or treating sick people. People who accompany a sick family member or friend, deliver medical supplies and equipment, or provide services related to the daily operations of the facility are all at risk of getting infected. Thorough medical facility cleaning of all possible areas of exposure, practically everywhere, can protect these people from diseases.

Treating patients effectively

Effective medical intervention does not only require targeting the specific condition. It also means making sure the patient will not acquiring new infections and will not suffer from complications. Hospital-acquired infections (HAI), also called nosocomial infections by doctors, are caused by bacteria and fungi that thrive in this particular environment and easily transmitted due to reduced resistance of patients. In the United States, around 9900 deaths every year are caused by nosocomial infections associated with severe pneumonia, urinary tract infections, and other health problems. Medical facility cleaning ensures that your facility meets the high standards of cleanliness and sanitation for your type of business.

Protecting medical personnel from diseases

Medical staff are frontliners who are usually the closest to the patients physically. They talk to their patients and touch them. Microorganisms can easily be transmitted via droplet contact and touching either a sick person or a contaminated surface. Though you can expect medical staff to take personal responsibility to protect themselves by washing their hands and disinfecting frequently, for example, it always makes good sense to give them an environment that is as germ-free as possible. Medical facility cleaning contributes a great deal to effective health care delivery by keeping medical staff healthy.

The difference that medical facility cleaning specialist makes

Keeping a hospital, clinic or doctor’s office clean and safe from outbreaks or disease transmission is a job for professional. Different areas require specific levels of disinfection. Cleaning specialists know exactly which cleaning regimens are appropriate for certain areas. Some cleaning agents can be harmful to medical staff and patients. Indiscriminate disinfection can also help spread antimicrobial resistance. Blue Ribbon Maintenance does its job efficiently and effectively using advanced techniques and eco-friendly cleaning products based on two decades of experience serving in the Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas.


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Charlotte house cleaning service

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Pet hair and using a Charlotte House Cleaning Service

Most people don’t consider a house cleaning service at the same time they begin thinking of adding a pet to the home.  Having a pet at home is probably one of the best decisions a family can make. While some people cannot imagine not having a pet, others may sometimes hesitate to make this decision because of the responsibility it entails. All the fun you can have with your pet indoors has a price and one of it is pet hair in any space your cat or dog can occupy which is practically everywhere. If you are in or anywhere near Charlotte house cleaning service by an expert is the answer to your pet hair problem.

Getting rid of pet hair

There are a number of ways you can manage pet hair accumulation by yourself or without the help of a Charlotte house cleaning service provider. The most obvious of them is regular pet grooming. Why wait for hair to fall on your couch and carpet if you can brush, vacuum or wash pet hair and dispose properly? If you’re the busy type or other members of the household do not have the extra time and energy to do this consistently. You can also do the cleanup yourself using the vacuum cleaner, rubber globe scrub, and lint pickup rollers. Another approach is using naturally hair resistant materials for your furnishings which allow pet hair to slide off if you don’t have the time yet to attend to hair cleanup. Some pet owners also try to cover up their pets’ favorite areas at home so more manageable areas take the load of pet hair instead.

With the strategies above, it is all up to you to take the time to do them consistently or on schedule. The downside of DIY pet hair cleanup is that, like regular exercise, it is easier said than done. However, you really need to find a better solution rather than approach it via trial and error. A Charlotte house cleaning service provider who is just a phone call away knows the tried and tested techniques for dealing with your pet’s hair.

Using a Charlotte house cleaning service so that you fully enjoy your pet

Pet hair may do more harm than you realize. It is said that a good number of pet owners may be suffering from allergic rhinitis but do not know it. Even if many of these people are not directly reactive to hair from their pets, pet fur can still collect pollen, mold spores and other outdoor allergens. If you’re not in any way worried about this, just think of those people who would come visit you in your home. This means that you have good reasons to check out what a Charlotte house cleaning service can do for you. Pet hair cleanup and removal is only one of the many things that these providers can do. Make that call to Gloria M’s Cleaning of Charlotte, NC and ask about their risk-free trial offer.


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Charlotte commercial cleaning service gets the germs out

Other than your home, your office is most likely a place you feel safe and secure. Both the physical and social environments that you have within the confines of your office are a source of daily inspiration and encouragement.  There is an unseen factor, however, that can catch you unaware and it may have significant implications for your being productive and fit to perform as efficiently and effectively as possible – the presence of germs sharing office space with you. You don’t only need to make your office neat and tidy. You must have a Charlotte commercial cleaning service provider to keep it clean and germ-free.

You don’t see it and you don’t feel it but some areas in your office are contaminated with disease-causing microorganisms. Don’t think your office is less likely a haven for germs just because it has more stylish interiors or sleek furniture. If you have invested on making your office conducive for employees to give the best performance possible, you must also make sure to have a commercial cleaning service provider to ensure the work space is as hygienic and spotless as it should be.

There are specific locations in your office that are perennially contaminated. Cleaning these areas is a work for professionals especially because germs do not just stay in one place, they also spread around fast. During cold and flu seasons, for example, it would be very easy to have several people sick in just a short time. Employees can easily catch viruses and other pathogens in the following areas and expert commercial cleaning service is badly needed.

Lobby or front door- full of germs

People from public places arrive at and go through your door and your lobby first. Just how exposed these people are to germs outside is something like an unknown factor you have to deal with. Not everyone takes necessary precautions to avoid contact with germs somewhere else. Even without being infected yet, a person can carry germs and transmit to another by touching the door, pressing the elevator button or sitting at the lounge area.

Office desk dirt and germs

Hands coming from the bathroom, pantry and other places always end up on the desk. In the area where an employee stays most of the time, don’t expect there would be no sneezing, coughing or anything that transmits germs and leave them on the keyboard, mouse, phone, chair, desk, etc. Anything that employees touch, even the copy machine, would be covered by commercial cleaning service.

The kitchen or pantry bacteria

The area where employees handle and eat their food is easily infested with bacteria. Are your countertops, coffee makers, faucet and sink regularly and properly disinfected with the right cleaning agents? Wiping quickly with tissue paper does not do the trick and you can’t expect busy employees to do more than that. Good thing, you can rely on professionals to do this job right.

Restroom germs

Obviously, people usually get in and out of the toilet not doing more than flushing and using it properly. There’s more than just keeping the tiles squeaky clean and keeping the area odor-free. A commercial commercial cleaning services provider also makes sure to disinfect things that can be touched like the faucet handle, soap dispenser, tissue holder, and door knobs.

Commercial cleaners help get rid of  germs

You can’t expect to have a 100 percent germ-free office all of the time but a commercial cleaning service can make a big difference in keeping your office safer for employees and favourable for their optimum performance. The Blue Ribbon Maintenance in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas knows exactly how this is done with the added value of using green cleaning methods and extensive experience as a medical office cleaning specialist.


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Charlotte commercial cleaning services uses green cleaning

Global warming and hazardous chemicals used in everyday living, such as those found in home cleaning agents, have been on the hot seat in the past decade. With all the studies coming out that tackle the deterioration of the environment due to the products we use and our way of living, a new trend has risen as part of the revolution to save the earth: green cleaning. While this term is widely heard, many people still do not understand what green cleaning really means and how it pertains to cleaning your offices, buildings and medical practices.

Green cleaning services are becoming more popular as consumers become more aware of the potential health risks of traditional commercial cleaning.  Regular cleaning can contain toxins that make people sick and may possibly result in headaches, or even illnesses as severe as cancer. Green cleaning can reduce or eliminate these particular toxin health risks.

Making Sense of Green Cleaning

Putting green cleaning into practice means reducing chemical-based cleaning solutions, the use of water and energy consumption. Also, the methods and solutions used must maintain or even improve cleaning programs to be accepted as green cleaning. Ultimately, the goal of green cleaning is to minimize the effects of your cleaning methods on the environment and the health of people practicing it.

While it seem like it might cost a lot to switch to green cleaning for your commercial cleaning services, it is actually very inexpensive compared to traditional methods of commercial cleaning. For instance, cleaning solutions used for green cleaning methods are sold in a concentrated form. This saves a facility storage space and shipping cost since the frequency of purchase will be lessened.

Making Green Cleaning Possible In a Commercial Space

A successful shift to green cleaning commercial cleaning services requires knowledge and a trained work force. You should choose a commercial cleaning service that already offers this service. It’s important for them to do the research and be prepared to offer this service to your office, medical practice or building.  You must know the chemicals certified by product-certifying organizations like Green Seal, the correct equipment, and the policies and procedures when practicing green cleaning.

Fortunately, there are cleaning service providers like Blue Ribbon Maintenance that offer the green cleaning option to their clients. Blue Ribbon Maintenance, in Charlotte NC and surrounding areas, such as Kannapolis, Sun City and Davidson, is proud of offer Green Cleaning. These are highly skilled cleaning technicians are knowledgeable about green cleaning products and methods, which is why you can trust that they will do their best to significantly reduce your facility’s impact on the environment when cleaned. Contact your local Charlotte commercial cleaning services about green cleaning for your office.


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Charlotte housecleaning service

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Charlotte housecleaning service makes a difference in cleaning

Using the right Charlotte house cleaning service will make a difference in the cleanliness of your home. Some people like to clean their own houses. This means you will need to keep the cleaning supplies in your home.While having commercial-grade cleaning supplies easily available in the home can help homeowners in keeping their houses clean, it is important to be reminded that there are storage instructions for these cleaning agents that must be strictly followed to avoid accidents.

Many cases have been reported due to poorly stored cleaning solutions. If you do not want your children to get their hands on those supplies or if you want to spare your home from getting damaged, then always follow storage instructions. Otherwise, just hire a charlotte housecleaning service to keep your home spotless and tidy so you do not need to store cleaning supplies in your house.

Explosion blamed on cleaning supplies: Finding the right Charlotte housecleaning service

Not too long ago, an explosion in a Fredericton, N.B. apartment unit was reported. According to the police, the explosion was most likely due to commercial-grade cleaning supplies that were left inside a working fridge. When the cleaning supplies cooled down, an explosion occurred, leaving significant damage on the involved apartment unit. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the explosion. Residents of the apartment building, however, were required to evacuate until officials have cleared the area for other possible explosions.

This incident is a reminder for all homeowners to properly store cleaning supplies. If you do not have a safe and secure storage area for these solutions, then it is best not to keep any at home. What you can do is to find the right housecleaning service for your and your family’s needs.

The right housecleaning service has trained cleaning technicians that are knowledgeable about the proper use of cleaning solutions and equipment. By hiring these professionals, you are assured that safe and effective cleaning agents and methods will be used on your house.  Also, by entrusting your home to the right housecleaning service, accidents like explosions caused by poorly stored cleaning solutions will be prevented.

There are many housecleaning service providers in North Carolina that can help you keep your home clean on a regular basis. Gloria M’s Cleaning, a trusted housecleaning service in North Carolina, has been keeping homes clean for more than a decade now. They offer weekly, biweekly, and seasonal housecleaning; as well as moving in and moving out cleaning for homeowners who do not want to go through the time-consuming and tiring task of cleaning the house before moving. Online scheduling is now available to clients and homeowners can now pay with their credit card onsite, making scheduling and payments faster and hassle-free.

Although we all want to keep our houses clean, always put the family’s safety on top of everything. Hire the right housecleaning service for regular and safe cleaning.


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Another reason to choose the best Charlotte janitorial services

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns of cleaning managers in facilities is the cleanliness of the restrooms. Before anything else, the first thing that anyone notices in a restroom is the smell. This is why it is very important for facilities to keep restrooms smelling fresh and from preventing odors from building up.

When customers, clients or patients enter your bathrooms, they expect them to be clean and be odor free, or have a pleasant fragrance. The entire feel of cleanliness of your entire office or medical practice could be judged by a smelly bathroom.  If you want to add fragrance to your bathroom, discuss this with your commercial cleaning services. There are different fragrances you can try- not every smell appeals to everyone, and a low perfume level is preferred by all- so that you don’t upset those that are asthmatic or allergic to airborne products.

Causes of restroom odor

Some restroom odors are temporary; while there are others that are ongoing. To address these odor issues, cleaning managers must figure out what the cause of the odor is in order to properly take care of it.

The usual culprit behind restroom odor is urine. According to specialists, what causes most urine-related odors is urine saturation in the tile grout. This is more common in men’s restrooms. One of the sure-fire ways to address this is to use a no-touch cleaning machine combined with products that eliminate odor. It is recommended to do this at least every quarter to make sure that odor does not build up.

If the urine-related odor issue keeps coming back, specialists recommend the use of an enzyme product with urease enzyme bacteria. For severe odor, the best practice is to wet the enzyme product completely, apply it, and then cover with rags overnight to prevent the solution from evaporating. It’s important to have a trained commercial cleaning service available to take care of these issues.

Another culprit behind restroom odors are floor drains. When the drains get dry, sewer gases leak into the restroom and cause a really nasty odor. To eliminate the odor and prevent it from reoccurring, mop the restroom floor with a disinfectant cleaner. If done daily, drains will not get dry and the disinfectant solution will keep the bacteria from growing in the drain.

Aside from these two methods, it is also recommended to have time-released deodorizers inside restrooms to keep these areas smelling fresh all the time. Trash must be regularly taken out and bins should be checked for leaks.

Using the best charlotte commercial cleaning services to prevent bathroom odors

To prevent unpleasant odor in restrooms, hire the best Charlotte janitorial service in town: Blue Ribbon Maintenance. Their cleaning technicians are knowledgeable and trained in keeping facilities sanitized and odor-free.


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Charlotte housecleaning service

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What to look for in Charlotte housecleaning service providers

Perhaps the most tiring and time-consuming task for a homeowner is keeping the house clean and organized all the time. This is especially difficult for homes that house big families since there are more rooms to cover and undeniably more things to dust, wash, and organize.

If cleaning the house is something you would like to check off from your long list of daily errands so you can spend more time doing other things, then you should start looking for a reliable Charlotte housecleaning service.

Finding the right Charlotte maid is important

Your house is probably one of the biggest investments you have made in your entire life. This is why it is just right to entrust the maintenance of your home’s cleanliness to professionals to make sure that the correct cleaning agents, equipment, and methods are used in the process of cleaning. With a cleaning technician handling your house’s regular cleaning, you are assured that your home will be well taken care of.

While it is tempting to hire a Charlotte housecleaning service provider as soon as possible, it is important for homeowners to first compare and review their options. Below is a list of things you should look for in a housecleaning services:

  1. Trained and knowledgeable staff. To make sure that your home is safe, cleaning technicians must be trained in the use of cleaning solutions and equipment. This way, you can be assured that no damage will be incurred on your home.
  2. Safe and effective cleaning solutions and equipment. It is extremely important that only the best and safest products are used on your home. Inquire about the solutions and equipment your chosen housecleaning service provider uses to know more about the components. Gloria M’s Cleaning, a Charlotte housecleaning service provider, offers green cleaning options for clients. This is something you might want to explore as well.
  3. Reputation. Before getting the services of a housecleaning service provider, be sure to ask around first. Perhaps a relative, a friend, or your neighbour has tried them out before. Ask about their experience to make sure that you are dealing with a trustworthy service provider.
  4. Ease of scheduling and transactions. Finally, look for cleaners that will not give you a hard time scheduling you’re cleaning and making your payment. There are service providers that already offer online scheduling and bring credit card swipers on site so clients can pay with their credit card.

With a trusted and reliable Charlotte housecleaning service provider, homeowners can finally pass on the task of regularly cleaning their houses to professionals who are skilled and knowledgeable about cleaning houses. With their help, homeowners are assured that their houses will always be kept clean, sanitized, and well-organized.


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