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Seasonal house cleaning demands our attention for so many areas in our home, and fireplace glass is no exception. Once the winter weather rolls in, a wood-burning fireplace or stove becomes a great luxury. The glass makes these amenities just as beautiful as they are functional. The glass on wood burning fireplaces or wood/pellet/ gas stoves requires regular maintenance and cleaning. After the winter season is over, we are less conscientious about keeping the glass clean because we use it less. However, the holiday season is just around the corner, you will be expecting friends and family over. This means that you will need your fireplace to be an attractive centerpiece for entertainment.  In order to keep your fireplace looking its best, regular cleaning of the glass and hardware is essential.

Keeping it clean

The most problematic drawback for glass on a stove or fireplace is the buildup of smoke and soot. The first step is to remove the glass from your fireplace or stove, and lay it flat on a drop cloth. If the weather permits, you may want to perform this procedure outside, as the cleaning of soot and ash can get quite messy. It should not be necessary to resort to expensive cleaners, consider cleaning your doors with a damp paper towel or newspaper and leftover ashes. Simply use a circular motion to clean the glass. This will effectively loosen even baked-on soot. Repeat the process as much as necessary until the soot is completely removed. The final step is to shine the glass with a glass cleaner and paper towels. Be careful not to leave streaks, and the glass will appear as good as new.

Green cleaning solution

I there are no ashes available, consider using a vinegar and ammonia solution. Combine 1-part vinegar with 3 parts warm water. Add 1/3 tablespoon of ammonia, and pour the solution in a one-quart spray bottle. Spray this mixture onto the glass, and let sit for around 30 seconds. Using a clean cotton cloth, scrub the glass in a circular motion until the soot is loosened. Repeat the process as many times as is necessary until glass is clean. You can also use a green labeled commercial cleaner that is designed specifically for fireplace glass. Regardless of your method or materials, seasonal cleaning your stove or fireplace glass will ensure minimal scrubbing for subsequent cleanings. You may want to leave this seasonal cleaning job for professional housecleaning services.

One of the top seasonal house cleaning services in Charlotte, NC

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