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Charlotte commercial cleaning services uses green cleaning

Global warming and hazardous chemicals used in everyday living, such as those found in home cleaning agents, have been on the hot seat in the past decade. With all the studies coming out that tackle the deterioration of the environment due to the products we use and our way of living, a new trend has risen as part of the revolution to save the earth: green cleaning. While this term is widely heard, many people still do not understand what green cleaning really means and how it pertains to cleaning your offices, buildings and medical practices.

Green cleaning services are becoming more popular as consumers become more aware of the potential health risks of traditional commercial cleaning.  Regular cleaning can contain toxins that make people sick and may possibly result in headaches, or even illnesses as severe as cancer. Green cleaning can reduce or eliminate these particular toxin health risks.

Making Sense of Green Cleaning

Putting green cleaning into practice means reducing chemical-based cleaning solutions, the use of water and energy consumption. Also, the methods and solutions used must maintain or even improve cleaning programs to be accepted as green cleaning. Ultimately, the goal of green cleaning is to minimize the effects of your cleaning methods on the environment and the health of people practicing it.

While it seem like it might cost a lot to switch to green cleaning for your commercial cleaning services, it is actually very inexpensive compared to traditional methods of commercial cleaning. For instance, cleaning solutions used for green cleaning methods are sold in a concentrated form. This saves a facility storage space and shipping cost since the frequency of purchase will be lessened.

Making Green Cleaning Possible In a Commercial Space

A successful shift to green cleaning commercial cleaning services requires knowledge and a trained work force. You should choose a commercial cleaning service that already offers this service. It’s important for them to do the research and be prepared to offer this service to your office, medical practice or building.  You must know the chemicals certified by product-certifying organizations like Green Seal, the correct equipment, and the policies and procedures when practicing green cleaning.

Fortunately, there are cleaning service providers like Blue Ribbon Maintenance that offer the green cleaning option to their clients. Blue Ribbon Maintenance, in Charlotte NC and surrounding areas, such as Kannapolis, Sun City and Davidson, is proud of offer Green Cleaning. These are highly skilled cleaning technicians are knowledgeable about green cleaning products and methods, which is why you can trust that they will do their best to significantly reduce your facility’s impact on the environment when cleaned. Contact your local Charlotte commercial cleaning services about green cleaning for your office.


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