Selling a Charlotte foreclosure

Charlotte foreclosure cleaning in Charlotte NC

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Charlotte foreclosure cleaning can be your secret weapon for turning properties faster and getting a higher selling price. For realtors in the Charlotte and Kannapolis area, selling foreclosures can be a real pain. Foreclosures can be some of the most difficult properties to market, and they are the most likely to experience issues before and at closing. When you are listing a foreclosure, you need all the help you can get.

Experienced realtors know that most foreclosures have been neglected- and it shows. Even if a house has great bones and is at an attractive price, it can be difficult to get buyers to see past a grimy kitchen, dirty and smudged windows, and filthy bathrooms. That’s where Charlotte foreclosure cleaning can help.

Making a great impression with Charlotte foreclosure cleaning

Using a Charlotte foreclosure cleaning service can turn your potential buyer’s “No way!” into a “Yes please!”. Removing rubbish, straightening, and deep cleaning a foreclosed property makes a world of difference in its appeal.

Unfortunately, many buyers, especially first time homeowners, lack the vision to look at someone else’s mess and see the potential for a future home. Engaging a Charlotte foreclosure cleaning firm to whip a property into shape makes it much easier for buyers to picture themselves and their families living in the house.  This can lead to a quicker sale, as well as a higher offer price. It can also avoid negotiations and hang ups at closing, where the buyers may ask for the house to be emptied or cleaned.

What to expect from foreclosure cleaning services

A good foreclosure cleaning makes a world of difference in a neglected home. The specific services to be rendered should be negotiated based on your needs and the condition of the property, but you may consider some of the following:

  • Cleaning of inside windows, sills and blinds- allowing light to flow into the property
  • Cleaning of bathrooms- including the cleaning out of cabinets and drawers
  • Kitchen cleaning and furniture polishing of wood cabinets
  • Cleaning the inside and outside of appliances
  • Vacumming, mopping, and dusting

The difference these steps can make may be dramatic. Prepare your Charlotte or Kannapolis foreclosure property for a showing or open house with a visit from a thorough foreclosure cleaning service.

Choosing the best Charlotte foreclosure cleaning service

In the Charlotte and Kannapolis area, Gloria M’s Cleaning Service is trusted in residential, foreclosure, and move in/move out cleaning. With over 25 years of experience serving the community, the expert team at Gloria M’s knows just what to do to get your foreclosure property shined up and ready to sell. Contact Gloria M’s Cleaning Service today to schedule your Charlotte foreclosure cleaning.


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