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Regular housecleaning will give you a clutter-free Charlotte home

There are a lot of housecleaning tips to help you have an organized home in Charlotte,NC. By daily reminding yourself to clean and put things back in order, you prevent the clutter from piling up. Imagine lounging at the couch without dust bunnies underneath, getting food from the fridge without being welcomed by spoiled leftovers and opening the closet without having to rummage through the pile of clothes to see your favorite shirt. One of the best feelings in the world right?

Do not let the pile of clutter overwhelm you. For a spotless Charlotte home, here are some housecleaning tips you can follow:

Use storage boxes to organize things

Storage boxes are great to keep the toys organized. However, these can also be used to keep things sorted out. Keep them inside your closet to organize towels, socks, underwears and all the little things that usually get lost under a pile of other clothing items. You can have it inside the kitchen drawers too so you will not have to keep looking for your lost peeler every now and then.

If you do not need it, dispose it

No need to keep unimportant things inside the house. If you think you do not need those old broken toys or the figurines your friend gave you ten years ago, dispose them. You can make money out of them by holding a yard sale or you may help others by donating them to the homeless. Your trash can be another man’s treasure. So have a minimalist Charlotte,NC home and keep only what is important.

Label everything

Label your jars in the pantry so you do not have to open everything to find the salt. Label the storage boxes in your closet so you know where to find your husband’s handkerchief. Label the leftovers in the fridge to know when these will expire and what should be for immediate consumption. Put labels on the things around you so you will be reminded, so you can sort things faster and you will eliminate confusion.

Clean regularly

Do not wait until the dust under your bed becomes as big as your pet dog or when the stains become a stubborn piece of dirt before you start cleaning. Clean your space regularly to avoid the pile up of clutter. Wipe the stove top after cooking, clean the sink after dining, vacuum the floors at least once daily and put things back where they belong. By doing these simple things, you keep your space tidy and orderly.

These are just simple things you can do to keep your homes clean and organized. Housecleaning should not be a chore but an everyday activity you do. By keeping your home clean, you do not only create a healthy lifestyle for your family but you also give importance to your priceless possessions. If you need a jumpsatrt in having a healthy and organized home in Charlotte,NC, call Gloria M’s  housecleaning services to help you out.


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