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Useful tips from cleaning services Charlotte NC

Cleaning services in Charlotte NC have some great tips to share with you regarding the proper way of cleaning your floors. The type of material the floor is made of will determine the best way you can clean it.

It is important to first check whether a new cleaning material, especially if it is a chemical, can be used for the type of floor you have. Remember that some cleaning materials can actually damage your floors. You do not want to make such an expensive mistake.

Maid services in Charlotte NC are trained to handle different types of floors but you could also check which cleaning solutions they are using to make sure these are compatible with your floors.

Cleaning vinyl floors

Vinyl floors are made of vinyl; vinyl is plastic. Therefore, you would want to be extra careful when choosing cleaning materials that would not react with the components of your floor.

When house cleaning in Charlotte NC, cleaners often use soap and warm water on the floor. But borax can also make a great option to use, especially if you want a deeper clean.

Cleaning hardwood floors

Ask your friends from cleaning services in Charlotte NC and they would probably tell how tricky it can be to clean hardwood floors. Yes, the floors are, technically, hard but these could actually be damaged by harsh cleaning materials.

When attempting to clean hardwood floors by yourself, be careful not to use bleach or acidic materials that could make unsightly patches on the wood. Sweeping the floor and applying some wax just might do the trick.

Still, if you wish for a deeper clean, perhaps you might want to hire cleaning services in Charlotte NC just to make sure. If you do wish to continue with doing the cleaning job on your own, use 2 teabags and boiling water in a mug. Let the tea bags steep for a few minutes.

Pour the tea into a bucket of water. Now, damp a soft, cotton cloth using this tea water and apply on the hardwood surfaces. You will notice a nice sheen on the floors once the tea water dries out.

Cleaning granite and ceramic tile floors

By far, the easiest to clean are granite and ceramic tile floors. These floors are the sturdiest of the lot, able to withstand heavy traffic and are more resistant to wear and tear compared with other floor types. You should, however, consider that in between these tiles, there is grout. It is the grout that becomes dirty quite easily, especially if you are cleaning your floor in a wrong manner.

First, vacuum or sweep the floor to remove dirt and dust. Soak a microfiber mop in any cleaning solution you wish to use; wring out excess water/liquid. Mop the floors thoroughly, making sure to include spots under the table or close to cabinet baseboards.

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