Cleaning house to eliminate odors naturally

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Charlotte house cleaning services keep your homes smelling fresh

House cleaning services in Charlotte and Kannapolis, NC provide your homes utter cleanliness and odor elimination. This will not only allow you to see your reflection on the kitchen counters but will also keep your homes smelling fresh. Upon entrance, your guests will know whether or not you have put careful thought in keeping your living area spic-and-span. Bathrooms, living room, kitchen and every part of your space will speak of its cleanliness just by the way it smells. Experts in house cleaning services will ensure that your home smells as hygenic and organized as it looks.

However, you can do this yourself. Check out the following tips on how to eliminate the nasty smell in your Charlotte homes naturally.

Find the source and ditch it

To be able to address the issue, you have to first look for what causes the foul smell in your room. Whether a pair of old stinking shoes or the week-old garbage, you have to know it to be able to deal with it. Once aware of the source, bring it outside and throw it out if possible. If this can be addressed through washing, stash it in the spinner immediately or scrub it outside to remove the odor.


This does not mean you have to tire yourself scrubbing and wiping floors, walls and ceilings. The way to eliminate smoke and kitchen odor is to turn the exhaust on, open the windows wide and just let the air circulate in a natural way. This will welcome garden fresh scent inside and toss nasty smell outside.

Deodorize a room with white vinegar

White vinegar will spill some magic in your home.  Place a bowl of white vinegar in the room and leave it overnight for a fresher scent in the morning. It will help eliminate cigarette smoke, kitchen smell, paint odor and whatnot. Drop a couple of cups of vinegar in the toilet to clean your bowls and eliminate smells. Leave it for 30 minutes before flushing. Use it to clean surfaces and carpets too. The acid in vinegar treats stains effectively plus the odor eliminating properties in it leave your carpets spotless and fresh.

Combat fridge odor with baking soda

Place an opened box at the back of your fridge to absorb the odor from your goods. Just keep it far from leafy vegetables because the sodium bicarbonate in the baking soda will cause them to wither easily.

Use store bought iar fresheners and hire Charlotte house cleaning services for guaranteed cleanliness

Natural deodorizers are widely available and are environmentally friendly. However, you can opt to buy scented candles, spray deodorizers and air fresheners in your favorite store around the corner. You can also hire house cleaning services to do deep cleaning and deodorizing for your Charlotte and Kannapolis homes. They ensure clean and odor free homes up to the farthest corners that you often neglect. Contact Gloria M’s Cleaning Services for top quality services and hassle free online booking and be on your way to an impressive smelling household.


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