Seasonal house cleaning your apartment

Cleaning your apartment

Seasonal house cleaning in Charlotte, NC

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Apartment dwellers need Seasonal house cleanings just like residential home owners. When the holidays are here, family friends and guest appear in every size and style of home, including apartments. If you have not gotten your apartment looking spotless for the holidays, we want to offer some professional tips that will show you how to tackle each chore without becoming overwhelmed. Consider the following suggestions:

  • Clean all your appliances

Remove splattered food particles from the inside walls of your microwave. Avoid coffee that tastes terrible by removing the buildup of mold in your coffee maker. Clean out the drain and the stains in your dishwasher. Set aside a whole afternoon just to remove and clean out those scary looking containers in the fridge. In the end, you will enjoy a cleaner, brighter looking kitchen, and you will reduce your chances of ingesting a lot of germs.

  • Dust the furniture and blinds

Dust can go completely unnoticed throughout the winter because its buildup is gradual and even. Look closely and we guarantee that your blinds and furniture have collected a lot of dust. Go after the dust with a microfiber duster or soft cloth. Close the blinds completely, so that all the slats are facing the same way. Dust them gently, moving in the same direction as the slats. When you have finished one side, tilt the blinds in the opposite direction and dust again.

  • Clean your tub and bathroom

You clean your tub or shower weekly, but once a month you should take it up a notch. Instead of focusing simply on the tub or shower, you should focus on grout or mold and mildew in caulked areas. Decide if you should replace your shower liner and plastic hooks. Do not overlook the medicine cabinets.

  • De-clutter your bedroom

Remove any unnecessary items, to keep the room light and airy. Be sure to flip your mattresses at least four times a year. Not only does this increase the lifespan of the mattress, it is also healthier for your back.

  • Clean the floors and carpets

Carpets are one of the most common areas to collect dust and debris. Vacuum daily, and periodically give them a good shampoo. This is especially important if you are a pet owner. Hard floor surfaces should be mopped and polished.

Professional seasonal house cleanings in Charlotte

Perhaps you require help with seasonal house cleanings and organizing your apartment. Gloria M’s cleaning professionals are happy to help you take on any house cleaning project. They are so flexible when it comes to scheduling per your needs. You will be amazed at how affordable maid services can be. Call them today to set up a time and schedule to handle your home or apartment cleaning project(s).


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Twice a month deep cleaning for pet owners

Deep clean in Charlotte, NC

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Deep clean a pet home

Living with an animal provides so many benefits, but many homeowners openly admit that they periodically need help to deep clean certain parts of their home that are affected by pet stains or odors. The size of and the type of pet that lives in your home will present a unique set of problems when it comes to house cleaning. Different animals present different problems. For example, the problems can vary. Bird owners will have a problem with feathers, while a dog owner must contend with hair, fur, footprints, and pet dandruff. If you work long hours or have a busy schedule, staying on top of home care can be next to impossible. The easiest solution is to hire a house cleaning or Maid service for twice a month to deep cleaning of your home.

Dealing with pet stains

Removing pet stains is a necessity for virtually every pet owner. We want to offer some valuable tips to help you, should you decide to tackle pet related deep cleaning. Consider the following tips to make the job easier:

  1. After removing and deodorizing pet accidents, spray or treat the area with a soil retardant.
  2. Test a small and inconspicuous area to ensure that you do not damage materials or surfaces.
  3. Stubborn stains can be removed by spraying undiluted soda water directly on the stain, blot the area to remove excess moisture. If the surface is still damp, place a super absorbent towel on the area, and leave it in place until it has soaked up the remaining moisture.
  4. Do not be fooled by canned air fresheners. They only mask pet odors temporarily. Your best chance is to remove the odor is by washing the area with a disinfectant. If possible, the area should be thoroughly rinsed and dried.
  5. After removing the pet stain, use a vacuum with a furniture attachment. Make daily sweeps over the worst problem areas, in order to protect your furniture, and beds to keep ahead of shedding hair.
  6. If vacuuming is not possible, you can spot clean areas with a rubber glove and a damp cloth.

Hiring a cleaning service

Some pet owners choose to call in a professional cleaning service for a bi-monthly deep cleaning. They find it helpful to schedule a weekly service during certain times of the year. No matter what you decide, hiring a pet-friendly cleaning service will improve the quality of life for you and your family.

Professional deep cleaning for pet owners in Charlotte

Do you need to have your home deep clean because of pet stains and odors? Gloria M’s Cleaning Services is ready to help you meet all of your cleaning and housekeeping needs. They offer free in-home consultations in an effort to understand your expectations for your household cleaning. Gloria M’s Cleaning Services offers flexibility in the frequency of home cleanings, and options for “green” cleaning services upon request. Keeping your special considerations and your budget in mind, they provide consistent deep cleaning and housecleaning services around your needs.


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Spring cleaning your closets

Spring cleaning in Charlotte , NC

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Spring cleaning is a daunting task

Let’s just get it out right now… we always look forward to the results after we have done our spring cleaning, but most of us dread the idea. In fact, many of us keep putting it off until we are actually doing “early summer” cleaning. This is the first in a series of articles in which we will help you to look at your spring cleaning project in small chunks of time and space. Spring cleaning is also organizing, and you cannot organize if you are not organized. There is a method to the madness here, and we are starting out with the closets because closets (and their smaller cousins, drawers) seem to become the catch-all for miscellaneous clutter. However, once you have cleaned and organized your closets, you will be less inclined to use them for hiding useless items. Another reason for starting with the closets is because it is the time of the year that our wardrobe changes. This make it the perfect time sort winter clothing, sent out for dry cleaning, or set aside items that you intend to donate to charity.

Prepare your mind

To clean closets, you will need to have the proper mindset. Commit yourself to three principles:

Let go of…

  1. Everything that you don’t want
  2. Items that you don’t need
  3. Anything that you won’t use

Keeping anything that fits one of the descriptions above, will leave you with the same amount of clutter, and will make your spring cleaning a pointless waste of time. Consider the following tips for cleaning and organizing your closet:

Start with the kids closets

The coming of spring usually means that the kids will have outgrown many of their clothes. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to sort out clothing that does not fit them anymore. Once you have cleaned and dusted the closets, organize it by type of garment, then by color. If they are old enough, let your kids help you so that they will understand the system and help to maintain it as you go. Decide how many closets you will do in a day. Try to have the project complete over two weekends.

Use your hangers wisely

If you have a hard time deciding which clothes to donate this year, it is okay to keep those that you are not sure about. Next year, your hangers can tell the story. When spring cleaning, hang all your organized clothing so that the hanger hook is facing you. After you have worn an item, hang it up with the hook facing away from you. Nest year during spring cleaning, any clothing with the hook facing out, is an item that you didn’t use, and you don’t need… let it go.

Winter coats, shoes, and boots

Storage boxes are the perfect solution to free up space for summer clothing and paraphernalia. Be sure to clean all your winter shoes before putting them away for the rest of the year. The salt and mud will ruin them, and can even form mold and mildew, rendering the shoes and boots useless next year. Remember to donate any children’s shoes that you know will not fit next year.

Professional spring cleaning services in Charlotte

Perhaps you require help with spring cleaning and organizing. Gloria M’s cleaning professionals are happy to help you take on any house cleaning project. They are so flexible when it comes to scheduling according to your needs. Call them today to set up a time and schedule to handle your spring cleaning project(s).


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Maid services takes care of items we often forget to clean

Maid services works

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Cleaning is obvious

We expect maid services to clean those areas of our home that are well-known for harboring dirt and germs such as toilets, sinks, appliances, and the floors; but the top professional maid services in Charlotte also will focus on those less obvious places that can be just as laden with germs. You are probably thinking about areas behind the kitchen appliances, but we are talking about items and surfaces with which we have daily contact and that are the biggest collectors of disease causing germs. Consider the following items:

  1. Toothbrush holder

The toothbrush holder should be considered as one of the most germ laden items in any home. The average toothbrush holder is the home to some of the most serious bacteria that we can come across. If samples of the bacteria were taken, you would probably find colonies of coli form bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella. It is typical for toothbrush holders to have yeast and mold present also.

  1. Humidifiers and swamp coolers

These appliances are crucial for our comfort and even our health. When they are not properly maintained or cleaned, they then become detrimental to our health. If they are not cleaned regularly, they can become the number one source of mold and mildew in the air that we breathe.

  1. Dishcloths and drying towels

Most people feel safe using dish cloths and towel because they are used with soap and water each day. You might be astonished to discover that dish cloths may actually carry several times more bacteria than toilet handles. Customarily, dishcloths are reused several times before being cleaned. Drying towels can be as dangerous as sponges, which are a natural environment for harboring harmful bacteria.

  1. Knobs, handles, and switches

If we asked you to consider areas that are frequently subjected to germs, many people would list these areas, but how often do people actually clean each handle or light switch? They are undeniably some of the most frequently used surfaces in the home. To reduce the spread of germs, they should be wiped down with disposable disinfectant cloths.

  1. Children’s toys

Younger children don’t just play with their toys; they put their toys in their mouths. Studies have revealed that bacteria can live on toys for long periods of time. The bacteria found on toy are commonly associated with upper respiratory infections, ear infections, strep throat, and skin irritations in children. The best method to avoid this is to sanitize toys whenever possible.

Simple solutions

Scrubbing surfaces with disinfectant wipes can go a long way in preventing the spread of germs that cause illness. Frequent hand washing is the most effective method to reduce the spread of germs from one person to another when it comes to common surfaces. If your schedule does not allow you to the time for deep cleaning, consider calling a professional maid service as an option.

One of the top professional maid services in Charlotte, NC

Every home is unique, and that is why Gloria M’s Cleaning Services are customized to meet your cleaning and housekeeping needs. They offer free in-home consultations in an effort to understand your expectations for your household cleaning. Gloria M’s Cleaning Services offers flexibility in the frequency of home cleanings, and options for “green” cleaning services upon request. Keeping your special considerations and your budget in mind, they provide consistent and dependable maid services around your needs.


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General cleaning tips from janitorial services Kannapolis NC

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General cleaning tips from janitorial services Kannapolis NC

janitorial services in Kannapolis NC in Kannapolis NC provide great services to ensure that your office and clinic are kept clean and organized. This allows you to focus more on your work, on keeping your clients satisfied, rather than worrying about how your office appears.

Using the right tools

It could not be denied that the right cleaning tools can get the job done easily and with better results. Cleaning services in Charlotte NC surely are experts on the job, so they already know what stuff to use and which ones are more effective than the others.

For most cleaning activities, soap and water would suffice but you might want to experiment on the type of cloth to use. Microfiber cloth is an excellent option because it does not add lint to your furnishings. Sponge is also perfect for areas that you need to wet with water; the material can also absorb excess water back.

Though not considered a cleaning tool per se, a ladder can surely come handy in cleaning hard-to-reach areas, such as moldings between the ceiling and the walls, hanging fixtures, and top shelves of cabinets and drawers. Ask help from cleaning services in Kannapolis NC for complicated cleaning jobs.

Cleaning from top from bottom

Janitorial services in Kannapolis NC will tell you that it is important to clean from top to bottom if you do not want to repeat the job at the lower portions. Make sure to dust and clean the ceiling, moldings, and top shelves before moving to the middle and lower parts.

If there are plenty of items that you could not move from the ground, cover then with a plastic sheet or thin blanket while you clean the upper portions. Use a damp piece of cloth for cleaning windows and dusty areas so the dust will not simply lift to the air while you clean, then settle back after a few minutes. Another option is to dust these areas then follow with a vacuum cleaner for a thorough clean.

Taking care of bottom shelves and floors

Now that the upper areas are clean, you can proceed with the bottom shelves and the floors. It is time to remove the protective covering from the tables and furnishings. Dust these areas and vacuum as you go.

When mopping the floor, it is a good idea to first sweep then vacuum before using the mop to prevent dust and dirt from being just pushed around and settling down on the grout on tiled floors. If the floors are made of wood, janitorial services Charlotte NC can also help you wax and polish these areas to keep their luster and shine.

For excellent janitorial services in Kannapolis NC, call Blue Ribbon Maintenance now.



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