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Charlotte commercial cleaning service gets the germs out

Other than your home, your office is most likely a place you feel safe and secure. Both the physical and social environments that you have within the confines of your office are a source of daily inspiration and encouragement.  There is an unseen factor, however, that can catch you unaware and it may have significant implications for your being productive and fit to perform as efficiently and effectively as possible – the presence of germs sharing office space with you. You don’t only need to make your office neat and tidy. You must have a Charlotte commercial cleaning service provider to keep it clean and germ-free.

You don’t see it and you don’t feel it but some areas in your office are contaminated with disease-causing microorganisms. Don’t think your office is less likely a haven for germs just because it has more stylish interiors or sleek furniture. If you have invested on making your office conducive for employees to give the best performance possible, you must also make sure to have a commercial cleaning service provider to ensure the work space is as hygienic and spotless as it should be.

There are specific locations in your office that are perennially contaminated. Cleaning these areas is a work for professionals especially because germs do not just stay in one place, they also spread around fast. During cold and flu seasons, for example, it would be very easy to have several people sick in just a short time. Employees can easily catch viruses and other pathogens in the following areas and expert commercial cleaning service is badly needed.

Lobby or front door- full of germs

People from public places arrive at and go through your door and your lobby first. Just how exposed these people are to germs outside is something like an unknown factor you have to deal with. Not everyone takes necessary precautions to avoid contact with germs somewhere else. Even without being infected yet, a person can carry germs and transmit to another by touching the door, pressing the elevator button or sitting at the lounge area.

Office desk dirt and germs

Hands coming from the bathroom, pantry and other places always end up on the desk. In the area where an employee stays most of the time, don’t expect there would be no sneezing, coughing or anything that transmits germs and leave them on the keyboard, mouse, phone, chair, desk, etc. Anything that employees touch, even the copy machine, would be covered by commercial cleaning service.

The kitchen or pantry bacteria

The area where employees handle and eat their food is easily infested with bacteria. Are your countertops, coffee makers, faucet and sink regularly and properly disinfected with the right cleaning agents? Wiping quickly with tissue paper does not do the trick and you can’t expect busy employees to do more than that. Good thing, you can rely on professionals to do this job right.

Restroom germs

Obviously, people usually get in and out of the toilet not doing more than flushing and using it properly. There’s more than just keeping the tiles squeaky clean and keeping the area odor-free. A commercial commercial cleaning services provider also makes sure to disinfect things that can be touched like the faucet handle, soap dispenser, tissue holder, and door knobs.

Commercial cleaners help get rid of  germs

You can’t expect to have a 100 percent germ-free office all of the time but a commercial cleaning service can make a big difference in keeping your office safer for employees and favourable for their optimum performance. The Blue Ribbon Maintenance in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas knows exactly how this is done with the added value of using green cleaning methods and extensive experience as a medical office cleaning specialist.


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